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California’s Devastating Fires!!


The fires in California are absolutely devastating!  I’m posting this to ask you for your prayers.  Many I know have evacuated the foothills of California and the fire is zero percent contained there.  It’s been horribly hot, terribly dry due to a severe drought, and the fire is jumping all over the place.  There are evacuation centers set up for those who’ve lost their homes and many people who live near the areas are going there to drop off food, clothing and whatever else is needed.

I live near Mt. Diablo which is about 30 minutes east of San Francisco and about 2.5 hours south of the devastation.  I am pretty much at the base of Mt. Diablo and I couod barely see it due to the smoke. There was even ash on our car and on the tables at the local coffee shop this morning.

I know this is not photography-related but I would sincerely appreciate your positive thoughts or a reflective moment for the devastation this has caused.  Let’s hope the fire gets under control soon.

California Fires



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

147 thoughts on “California’s Devastating Fires!!

  1. Laura, I just read the article in the NYT and couldn’t believe how bad it is and how close it is to Napa. So sorry for the people of Middletown. Just horrible. Thanks for posting.

  2. Im so sorry to hear this Laura ~ I hope you stay safe and I will definately keep you all in my prayers.

  3. Stay safe!

  4. More strength to everyone out there….so sorry to hear this

  5. I have been watching the news. So sad to watch it…. Hope the cooler weather will help.
    Stay safe, Laura.

  6. Will definitely be praying for all! Please stay safe and keep us updated on how you are doing!

  7. I have friends in Washington who have been devastated by the fires there. My thoughts are with all those effected by the fires and all those fighting them.

  8. I wished I could send some of the extra rain we’ve received this year in the East. I have a friend whose son is out there trying to get the fires under control. Those firefighters work so hard and put their lives on the line. I know the fires took some lives already…. Let’s hope the El Nino rains will hit sooner than later and put an end to this catastrophe.

  9. Truly sad to see. I hope things improve.

  10. I am sending positive energy..and prayer.

  11. Laura, I saw the fires last night on the news and my Heart just about broke. The devastation is beyond anything I have ever seen. You have my prayers and I am sending Healing to California. So many people have lost everything and the precious forests are being destroyed. Please stay safe and if you must please please evacuate. Promise me, Laura. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

  12. Laura, I shared on all my social media. I will keep tweeting and putting on FB as the days go by. Love you and please stay safe! ❤

  13. so sorry to see this happening – stay safe

  14. Oh Laura. You’re beautiful landscape! Prayers are coming your way!

    • I knowwwwwww….ugh! The fire isn’t where we are so we are safe. We are just kind of smokey. But I do worry about the people being displaced and also about our beautiful forests. 😦 Thank you so much for the prayers.

  15. Very sad! I’m in northern California just 30 minutes from the recent “Valley Fire” and I actually drive through those towns to get to my parents house about twice a month. Very scary and sad for all of the people who lost their homes, and pets! Saying prayers and thanking you for asking others to say some as well!

    • Oh wow, good to hear from you! We had a house up there about the same distance away. (Do we know each other?? lol) It must be so devastating to see the destruction up close and to worry if you will be in its path. I’m saying prayers for everyone up there in our beautiful state!! Thank you for commenting.

  16. I was with a California Dept. of Forestry fire crew in 1979 when the wind shifted and trapped us for a time. I never been exposed to such heat and fear–fortunately we got out. I pray for our firefighters.

    • Oh wow….that must’ve been so frightening! Good God….so glad you made it out and THANK YOU for your bravery and for your service to everyone. I really think firefighters are heroes for sure. Thank you for contributing to the convo here.

  17. I can definitely relate with your concern. Having lived through three fires nearby and one coming up the hill less than 1/2 a mile away I know the anguish and stress it can inflict. For me there was only one way to deal with the uncertainty and that is prayer and faith that God’s will be done.

    • Anguish and stress are perfect words. I was near the Oakland fire when it happened some years ago and it is indeed frightening. It gets to the point where we do need to rely on prayer and faith in God’s plan. Thanks Pete and I really appreciate your comment. Oh and by the way, we will be home soon and then I can plug in my external drive to watch the DVD. My husband’s drive wasn’t working. 😦

  18. Stay safe, Laura :/ My thoughts go out to you and hopefully things don’t get worse. Drink lots of water and take shelter if necessary 🙂

    • Thank you Mabel. 🙂 Fortunately the fires are not in our area…we are just a bit smokey especially when there is no wind to blow it out. I pray my friends up in the fire areas are safe.

  19. Now Northern Sonoma is being hit they say.. I’m down in Newport…

    • I saw that. Ugh! This reminds me of the Oakland Fire. I remember coming out of the Courthouse (the gym that used to be on telegraph) and seeing a completely black sky. I looked down on the sidewalk and there was a burned part of a dictionary. Scary! What are you doing in Newport?

  20. i will pray for you and Dave and your families.

  21. stay safe.

  22. A sad state of affairs. Fight fire with water.

  23. We see it on the news, our prayers are with you and the thousands of other folks

  24. Every now and then we have simular fires here in the Western Cape, south Africa. Seen it jumping once on a mountain: 10 km in a few hours. Last year a relative minor fire came in the global news. But than that was Cape Town; they are even selling their fires as a special. That fire only less than 2000 hectare (5000 acres). The year before it was here: more houses threatened and a surface of 25000 hectare (approx 62000 acres) … It did not even get into the national newspapers. The pictures I saw on your FB-page are very much alike (sphere) the ones I made here. This kind of fires are devastating. Especially for the people who live in those fire-prone areas. Broad fire lanes (depening on height trees: 20 to 50 meters wide) can protect houses in populated areas Plus secured water supply. It saved here many houses.

    • Wow it didn’t get into the national news??? That’s amazing. I wonder why? Here they are in the news even more because of multiple things…the drought, our ancient redwood trees which are being threatened, and the fact that we had a fire here in the bay area called the Oakland Hills Fire in 1991 which actually changed fire response procedures. The problem up in these fire areas are that there are just miles and miles and miles of trees and deep canyons which make it hard for firefighters to control. 😦 I’m glad to hear that many houses were saved in the one near you. They are so frightening! Thanks for commenting Herman.

      • The news here is very much political motivated. Cape Town always want to be in the news (tourism) and they paid the New York Times 17 million dollars in advertisement fees (subsidising tour operators, etc.) to get chosen as World Destination numero uno last year. South Africa is a fascinating and challenging country still with one foot in ancient tribal cultures. The tribal languages don’t have a word for ‘corruption’ so officially it does not exist although the president (the biggest pocket filler) says in an English spoken speech that he we root out corruption. In his own language he says that what the ‘others’ call ‘corruption’ does not exist… 😉

        • I struggle with truth in my life…I NEED to believe that what someone says to me is the truth and that I can count on them. I’ve had such issues with that growing up. Lately in today’s world, things that are said are not backed up with any meaning whatsoever. Our country has its share of saying great things and then not doing a blessed thing. *sighs* It’s interesting to know the details of South Africa and paying the NYT to call them a World Destination. I never believe those things because I’ve seen ads on tv that say “Come to Ohio!” I’m like…what is in Ohio??? haha. Sorry Ohio-ans…just making a point here. So sad Herman. I would like to visit South Africa one day. My husband and I talk about that frequently.

          • The truth is between the lines Laura. Indeed never believe those tourist ads. Cape Town is a nice city on its own but it does nor represent South Africa at all. The true South Africa journey begins 100 km beyond Cape Town. If you go to the different countries in the Middle East you will hear a different story as what you read in the US-newspapers. The refugees travelling to different European countries is a problem caused by the USA and the UK but none of those 2 countries is willing to take responsibilities for this human drama. Etc. Etc.

            BTW I love Ohio 😉


          • And don’t forget Russia. Russia is involved too. Somehow the U.S. gets blamed for everything yet we do the most for the world. There are good and bad aspects and I won’t pretend that I don’t know the bad because I do. And yes, I agree that one area cannot represent the entire country. It’s like coming to SF and thinking the rest of the country is like us. NOT!! And Ohio is definitely not like SF haha. I’m glad I live in the part of the country that “seems” to have a lot of compassion for the refugees. It’s a HUMANE thing to want to help but somehow our country always likes to boil things down to dollars and cents. We have so much space in this huge country and yes we can’t take care of what we have already…our roads are crumbling, etc., but when push comes to shove we need to help people because it’s the right thing to do. I heard a frightening thing by someone on the news saying we can’t take people because of money. It made me sick. 😦 We are the richest country! Of COURSE we can help! GEEZZZZZ

  25. Laura I’m so sorry to hear what’s happening where you are. I’m in the UK and not heard much about it but just looked on the weather channel to see the terrible situation you guys are having to try and deal with. There’s an image on there from space which shows how large and intense the fires are. They are forecasting rain is heading your way very soon so I hope it gets to you quickly and helps stop further devastation. Stay safe.

    • I notice it’s cloudy out today but humid which is weird for this area. We hardly ever get humidity so hopefully this is a good sign! Thank you for taking an interest and I really appreciate your concern and your thoughts here!

  26. Positive thought for you and all of CA for some relief…

  27. Our prayers and best wishes for all those who are affected by this tragedy

  28. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers

  29. Praying for all concerned! I knew it must be really bad out in CA and WA because our skies in CO were overtaken by all the smoke from those fires. God bless you all!

  30. Such a tragedy! I’m sending all kinds of positive vibes out to the area. I hope they get it controlled soon.

  31. My prayers are with you and everyone else too. I think we’ve sent you some firefighters…keep well and wear a mask (to stave off the nasties in fire smoke). Best regards, janina xox

  32. Reblogged this on Petals Unfolding and commented:
    My friend Laura lives in California where forest fires are raging out of control. I am asking for your help in any way you can with your social media so that more people are praying for those in California who are suffering such great loss and for the precious forests that are being destroyed. Comments are closed. Please go to Laura’s blog to comment or to share. Thank you and Bless you! Love, Amy ❤

    • You are so sweet to reblog this Amy, THANK YOU!!! I will post this blog on my FB as well to let everyone know how supported they are! Wow amazing.

      • When it comes to situations like this, I just feel we ALL must decide to jump in with both feet reaching out with Love, letting those who are suffering that we really care. Imagine, Laura, if everyone who saw my reblog, if everyone who saw your post, would turn to their social media to help spread the word that prayers are so needed. I believe it is high time we ALL support one another in LOVE. I Love YOU, Laura! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

        • I think that we need more of this support for each other in the world instead of always pointing fingers and looking at the negative. I’ve met so many who don’t forgive or take the time to understand because they are only concerned with themselves. Thank you for being such a giving person!

          • With people in the world like you and me and more and more I have seen, LOVE will WIN. It has to. For that is who we are. Let’s move past the unforgiveness and selfishness and work together as we were meant to!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank you for reblogging this post Amy! I really appreciate you spreading the news so we can get as many positive thoughts and prayers over this devastating situation!!

  33. I hope that no one has been injured…

    • I think a couple firefighters but they will be ok from what I’ve heard. Thank you for asking and that is a huge thing to be thankful for…that nobody has been seriously hurt.

  34. compassionately
    bringing awareness!
    i’ve been breathing
    the smokey orange air
    for the past couple days 😦

    • Ohh…that’s right! I hope this all gets under control soon. I use an inhaler if it gets bad here. Today isn’t as bad but still hazy out. Thank you for your compassionate awareness. 😀

  35. Oh Laura, this is very sad. I send healing to California and please stay safe.

  36. Hope the devastation is not much and the fire is contained soon.

  37. I’m glad to hear that nobody has been injured. Hopefully, the situation will begin to improve soon.

  38. Adding yet more thoughts and prayers to all over in California.. I have been sending out my thoughts and prayers since watching here in the UK the fires spreading… I came via Amy’s repost..
    Love and Blessings to you all..

  39. It is so hard to watch. Here’s to praying for rain and NO lightning. El Nino can’t start soon enough.

  40. Stay safe .. Lots of positive thoughts

  41. Thank you very much for posting this. I live in WA State and we have been having terrible fires also. My husband in the National Guard has been gone 3 weeks helping to evacuate people. I will keep California in my prayers as well.

  42. Thoughts and prayers are with everyone dealing with the terrible fires in the west this year. We’ve had several big ones in Oregon, too. Its devastating.

  43. Shared again at 4pm EST. Love you, Laura! ❤

  44. Yes. Horrible! You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  45. You and all those affected have our prayers. We know that area very well, and it is devastating to see such loss. We understand how unpredictable wildfires are and how quickly they can spread, because we came very close to losing our previous Florida home in a wildfire years ago. And we well remember the heartache for those who suffered from the Oakland Hills fire too. Prayers and hugs.

  46. I saw the horrible pictures. So sad to watch the destruction. Hopefully rain comes soon.
    I keep my fingers crossed for you – lot’s of postive thoughts from Germany.

  47. Terrible Laura – keep safe.

  48. This has only just started to hit the news over here in the UK….I feel for anyone caught up in this it must be scary and terrible. I hope that you and your loved ones stay safe. Please take care Laura.

  49. Hope you’re OK Laura. If only we could send some of our rain over to you!

  50. He visto las imágenes en las noticias de la televisión y son muy impactantes. Aquí en España también lo
    sufrimos y es lamentable que en segundos se destruya lo que ha tardado miles de años en formarse, es una ruina
    para nuestros hijos. Espero que se encuentren bien y rezaremos para que termine sin daños
    Un abrazo

    • I’m so sorry to hear that Spain has experienced similar issues. Our big sequoia trees in one of the state parks was endangered but I think the ancient trees are ok for now. Thank you so much for your kind words Pepe! And thank goodness for Google translator! 🙂

  51. My thoughts are with you Laura. We have been having fires here in BC but nothing like what I have been seeing in California. I hope you are safe.

  52. My heart is with you, Laura, as it is with our family and friends in central and eastern WA and on up and down the coast. Devastating and frightening, these fires! Be safe and flourish, dear Laura.

  53. we also suffer with you, Laura… we follow California news, as we have “blood” relatives in San Francisco… ❤ can't wait to visit them before the end of this year…
    * * *
    my very best, courage and serenity… friendly thoughts, Mélanie

  54. So many prayers I send, Laura!! It is devastating. I can remember quite a few years ago when we were experiencing wildfires in Florida…driving on I-95 we went through an area where the fire had jumped the interstate and there were still embers and little fires along the highway!! I couldn’t breath. I am sending all good energy that this ends soon ❤

  55. I wish that two weeks later the fires are under control. Haven’t heard anything on the news here, but I know those fires are potentially very damaging and sadly even lethal. Wish you all the best Laura!

  56. Hope it gets better soon. Our prayers are with you

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