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Facebook and Low Resolution


Sometimes I get a little crazy with deleting things.  Evidently I accidentally deleted the main file of this image and could only obtain it again by downloading it from a Facebook group I posted it to.  The real drag is that when you post to Facebook, the images don’t post in high quality as you can see from the one I posted here.  I wonder when that will change?  It seems that all the other places I post images are much higher quality.   And for those of you who will suggest my trash, I was so thorough about my cleanliness that the trash was empty too!  Rats!

Having said all that, this image was created from a photo I took at the Carquinez Straight Regional Shoreline.   I hope you enjoy it!



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

50 thoughts on “Facebook and Low Resolution

  1. Ah that sucks! I’ve done stuff like that before too :(. And yes, Facebook is ruff on the photos. Great shot you got there thought ;).

  2. I, too, get delete-happy. My husband is always asking me to send him copies before I delete ones that are “too similar” or “not worth keeping.” He disagrees.

  3. Nice photo even at low res. Do you routinely make backups? If so, the original might still be there.

  4. I hate that about Facebook as well! Still a wonderful photo though.

  5. I think we’ve all done that at one time or another and yes, it stinks! Lovely photo. 🙂

  6. Beautiful photograph! Yes Facebook is terrible regarding resolution. They say (not sure “they” are) that you should not delete photos right away after first viewing. Take time – digest – then go back and review – as sometimes you can resee something that you may have not seen at first. Do I do this? – absolutely not! – I sometimes transfer my shots and delete away! Such is life as they say!

    • I do that quite a lot…review my photos. This one I didn’t really care much about and didn’t put it on my website, therefore, it’s not in the LR catalog I usually put them in. Oh well…such is life is right! lol

  7. I have separate folders for my high-res images on my harddrive, although the original size images eat a lot of space… especially because I am PC gamer too, and games are not small either… the massive amount of photos do definitely add up in space too. I soon have to buy an additional harddrive,… I’d suggest to save the high-res images, not only because you might want to crop the stuff different next time, but also due to copyright reasons, in case someone does steal content from you to publish it under their name, you can basically show anybody that you are the original creator as you have the large files 😉

    • Thanks for sharing your process. I’m usually quite organized but with this one I wasn’t as concerned to begin with because I never intended to put it on my website. My website (not this blog) saves all my high res images.

  8. Good photo, Laura! It looks fine to me, but I don’t have a trained eye for low or high resolution. If I can see it and it’s not blurry, it looks good to me. 🙂 However, I tried to post a low resolution video on FB this morning and thanks to you mentioning that they lower the resolution further, I now know why it came out looking all blurry. I do hope they change that practice soon.

  9. I delete everything, texts too. Wife gets mad. I continue deleting stuff. Clutter and I are not buddies. Photo looks great anyway!

  10. Nice photo with leading lines to the focal point. Don’t know your OS but for windows there is a free program called Recuva that I’ve used to recover files that have been deleted and then deleted again from the recycle bin. The more time goes by the harder it may be to recover because of automatic defragging and system overwrites of deleted files.

    • Thank you David. I’m on a Mac and there probably is some sort of recovery program. I think my issue is that I never intended to post this on my website. I save all my high res images on my regular website. Oh well…I guess I’ll have to suffer through not having the original of this masterpiece! hahaha

  11. beautiful tones and colours and feeling…

  12. I really like the lines and complementary blue and orange. Very pretty!

  13. Sorry to hear that…My S.O.P. is to download my card to my attached “working” drive, then copy to a 4-drive RAID which is running sometimes, then to a stand alone single HD that is only spun up when I’m downloading my camera card…

    • My SOP is to always work from LR after importing them into a folder. Normally I keyword them and have them hooked to a smart folder in smugmug but I never intended for this to go to my website so somehow I messed up and deleted it. Oh well…I guess I”ll have to look wistfully at it and wonder “what could’ve been”. haha Thanks Robert. 🙂

  14. Nice image! I get a little wild with deleting sometimes too. Sorry 😌.

  15. oh no, I’ve done that too 😦 But this image is still a beauty!

  16. I dislike it too that Facebook and Twitter and even Instagram compress the photo and you lose quality, and clarity 😦 Sorry to hear you lost the original image, that must have been quite earth shattering. It’s a beautiful photo and the orange sky is exquisite. Before I do anything to my photos these days, I like to back them up on two external hard drives 🙂

  17. Love the elements, the composition, and the gorgeous lighting in your image. I do enjoy photos that take you to the beginning of the story.

  18. whoops.
    You banana 🙂
    I do the same things, and regret it after.

  19. Much similar to my deleting my hard drive when recovering from Windows 10 and realizing I did not back anything up first!!!

  20. Love the photo Laura whatever the resolution. Reading your post has just broken my dream from last night in which I remember now that I had deleted my whole hard drive by mistake and woke up with a start, and then forgot what I was dreaming about. Thanks for jogging my memory 🙂

  21. Hate it when that delete button gets in the way. 🙂

  22. Pretty and I love water shots.

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