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A Very Grave Post (2 images)


The other evening I ventured out with my camera club to the Mountain View Cemetery to get some Halloween inspiration.  I found myself saying “excuse me” as I carefully tiptoed over the graves.  Yes I know…it’s a bit weird but then need I say more?  LOL.

I’m going to participate in Ed Mooney’s Halloween challenge so I’m going to save my best one (at least the one I think is my best) for his challenge.  In the meantime, the first image shown here was processed in Photoshop and tonemapped in Nik HDR.  The second image shown is sort of an overview of the area from inside the cemetery.  You can see Downtown Oakland with the tall buildings out in the distance and you can even see the hills across the bay and part of San Francisco to the right in the distance.  I’m so glad the deceased have prime real estate lol.

Lux - Mountain View Cemetery

Lux – Mountain View Cemetery

Outlook - Mountain View Cemetery

Outlook – Mountain View Cemetery

Should you like to purchase the first image, please click here.

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

67 thoughts on “A Very Grave Post (2 images)

  1. Love the pics! How are you doing?

  2. I really like the color and lighting in the second picture; gives it a surreal feeling.

  3. Laura, I did not see the second one before. You get a second WOW from me. The perspective and drama in both are outstanding! Love what you are doing in the darkroom. ❤

  4. I really like your photos and I’m now anxious to see what you feel is your best Halloween photo.

  5. Gorgeous images Laura, cant wait to see what you have in store for the 31st. Although I was a little disappointed when I saw your Heading. I know your not a big fan of things that go bump in the night, so I was hoping for a really dark tale 🙂
    I guess your saving it for later, 🙂

  6. I love how the “lux” is reflecting the light on the glass!! Brilliant Laura!

  7. They’re both hauntingly beautiful, BUT the first one… wow! That’s how you take a photo in a cemetery! Well done, Laura.

  8. Great photos, Laura! Love the mood you created for the first one. Glad to hear you mentioned you keens are settling in. 🙂

  9. It’s great to see your images so well processed. Bravo, my friend!

  10. Awesomely macabre photos but I am not getting the lux???? Is this to indicate this is a lux cemetary??? How perfectly errrr….unusual! What awesomely sinister Halloween shots!

  11. Two beautiful images, Laura. Very different two. Love them both. Absolutely love the cloud cover in the second one. Brilliant captures 🙂

  12. Wow! I never knew halloween could be so beautiful!

  13. Surreal and very beautiful, Laura. The last one is a gem!

  14. Been there many times… You captured the spirit or spirits of the place.

    • Yes spirits lol. It’s the strangest cemetery because people jog and have picnics there. As you know I’m sure. Some day I’ll be in the Chapel of the Chimes right next door like the rest of my family.

  15. Reblogged this on Amazing Fine Art and commented:
    You really captured the mood.

  16. Nice photos Laura. I too, if I’m in a churchyard, find it hard to resist saying ‘sorry’ if I inadvertently walk over a grave. I think it’s more that I’m worried I might wake one of them though! 🙂

  17. Great shots (especially for this season)! Places to die for!

  18. very nice Laura – I’m guessing back when the cemetery was started, it was way on the outskirts of town…Did you choose Lux for its light?

  19. Making being dead look good.

  20. Couldn’t help but laugh at the great/awful pun in the title XD

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