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Trees at Sunset (2 images)


Yesterday I went with my camera club up to a ridge line in the east bay hills for a sunset.  I have never been to this particular location, and I was really excited to find a new place for sunset photos.  Here I’m including two images…the first was looking east at the pink sky toward Mt. Diablo and the other was looking through to the west at the orange sky.  I took some liberties here with processing them.  I can’t help myself!

Fairmont Ridge

Fairmont Ridge

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Fairmont Ridge

Fairmont Ridge

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

30 thoughts on “Trees at Sunset (2 images)

  1. Well I know where the first is, second… Haven’t a clue.. Please please check out my post Dock of the Bay post… The three were taken on an IPhone 6

  2. Great California sunset! The processing is nice. 💕

  3. I particularly like the first image, Laura. Your processing skills blow me away. Great job on both. Thank you! ❤

  4. so pretty

  5. how lovely.
    I so like the colors in the middle.

  6. Very beautiful! I love the processing you did on the first one.

  7. Sunset is my favorite time. These are lovely.

  8. Love the sunset image! Beautifully captured. 🙂

  9. Absolutely stunning!!!

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