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Journey of a body on this earth



Lately you’ve probably noticed I’ve posted a series of sunset shots from the Fairmont Ridge.  As glorious as this place is with its sweeping vistas and beautiful hills, there is something quite emotionally stirring at the top of the ridge called the “Children’s Memorial Grove”.  Each year, Alameda County and the East Bay Regional Park District hold a ceremony at which they read the names of the children who have died from violence in the previous year, and plant an oak tree in memory of each.

It’s a very surreal feeling to stand atop the ridge overlooking such beautiful scenery and to see this memorial with all the names of children who never even got a chance in life.  I cannot imagine the grief of the children’s parents and realizing that our society has so much violence in it that we could take young, innocent lives is heart-wrenching.

The image below shows one of my camera club members sitting at the memorial overlooking the San Francisco Bay.



You can read more about this memorial here if you like.  And if you’d like to purchase this image, please click here.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

33 thoughts on “Remembered

  1. Thank you Laura.

  2. When we were growing up this was not something we (as children) were concerned about…you wonder how this fear of potential violence is shaping the young people of today. Nice shot of the memorial.

    • Isn’t it amazing how society has changed? Our neighborhoods have expanded both physically and virtually. No longer can children be sheltered and protected as when we were young. Thanks Robert.

  3. Beautifully shot. This reminds me of the film Days of Heaven 🙂

  4. Gosh that really is emotionally stirring

  5. Beautiful photo…it has so much to say..I love sunsets..

  6. so beautiful……….such a hauntingly sad place, but it’s nice to see some beauty from such violent reasons, those children deserve something better than they got, at least they having a beautiful living memory

  7. what a beautiful tribute to those kids. I love your photo.

  8. ‘plant an oak tree in memory of each.’
    i agree with you on the violence. so very sad.

  9. Not only is your photo stirringly touching but letting people know about this Children’s Memorial may inspire other communities to do the same for other children who have suffered the same horrific fate. God bless and keep them all safe with Him in Heaven for eternity.

    • I hope so too. I think the Board of Supervisors were hoping that other states do this too so that this takes place all over the country. I’m not sure whatever happened. These children have sacrified themselves and are teachers for our society in hopes that we stop the violence and learn from each other. God Bless them for sure. Thank you :)))))

  10. How very sad – children born to die all too soon. I guess it was really emotional

  11. How tragic are our times that memorials like this exist. Your photo captures with composition and color the emotional tug of this place, Laura.

  12. the gold surrounding the shadow of the monument is very poignant!

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