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Golden Gate Intensity


The other day I went with my good friend Dan Shehan to Land’s End in San Francisco to capture some photos.  We walked around, up and down, and one of the places we took pictures from was this stunning location.  The intensity of those rocks and waves with the sun casting an orange glow over the whole scene…well, it was quite amazing!

If you wish to read more about this most beautiful part of San Francisco, please click here: Land’s End.

Intensity 2

Intensity 2

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Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

40 thoughts on “Golden Gate Intensity

  1. Laura, so very beautiful…it easily inspires a poem! Thanks for sharing, and may you weekend be a blessed one!

  2. Wow for a beautiful place Laura 😀

  3. What a spot. Wonderful image, Laura.

  4. Exceptional…..fabulous light

  5. Okay, I went to that same spot and my images all turned out crappy 😦 Of course, it was in the middle of the afternoon (sometimes ya gotta shoot when you can) with a cloudless blue and hazy sky and there were people climbing all over the rocks. AND I didn’t climb up on the rock you shot from – I stayed on the beach away from the rock-climbing hordes. So there are all my excuses 😉 Oh, well, I’ll just have to come back to SF again!

    Truly lovely image, Laura!!

    • haha! Too funny. Honestly Stacy, if you saw my original picture you would call me a story teller after reading what I said in my blog about the sun. I didn’t climb on any rock. I don’t climb with these lousy knees so I have to compensate in my images to make it seem as if I’ve worked very hard for these shots LOL. Yes, and DO come back!

  6. Wonderful shot ~ captures the spirit of the bridge and bay…

  7. So beautiful and so inspiring…I love the complexity of the water on rocks as well as the spectacular end of day light.

  8. Wow – that’s the best shot I have ever seen of San Francisco! It is my birthplace but I can’t stand the weird weather and hills. 🙂

  9. It might as well illustrate a gothic novel. Powerful!

  10. Phenomenal shot and processing, Laura! Mesmerizing image! See? I AM BLOGGING! LOL ❤

  11. Gorgeous – wild wind and waves, I imagine.

  12. WOnderful. I made me feel very intense.

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