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Looking at the Positive


Sometimes we can’t always get the perfect crispness or focus but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy certain aspects of our less than perfect photos.  What is it that we see in the photo that makes us love it?  Is it the light or the subject or something else that makes us click at that moment.  For me, it was the sun going down and this aerodynamic pelican zooming over the ocean.  It makes me wonder what he was doing.  Is he going to his home for the night?  Is he looking for food?  I like how this image makes me wonder.

I was at Land’s End shooting sunset photos when all of a sudden I saw a pelican just above my head so I whipped up my camera and fired off three shots.  (Don’t forget the value in setting your camera for continuous high speed!  One of the shots is BOUND to come out, right???)   While the shutter speed, etc., weren’t meant for this type of shot, I think it came out pretty good considering it’s an aggressive crop and that it wasn’t a fast shutter nor was it focused on or metering the bird.

So today I’m going to appreciate what I have instead of ripping my photos to shreds in my mind lol.

Pelican in Flight

Pelican in Flight

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

63 thoughts on “Looking at the Positive

  1. I agree. I often feel some of my “soft” are acceptable.

    • I think it’s important to not rip ourselves to shreds with our images. Sometimes composition is much more important and moves us more than a perfectly crisp image. Thanks Sherry!

  2. I personally like the silence of the image and the “music” that I hear by looking at it.
    Waves of the ocean and the silent bird, sailing through the air. To me it sounds like a warm summer wind.
    So … Your image is like lounge music to me 😉

  3. Well said Laura…..perfection is rarely achieved anyway, and some near-misses, like this one, can still be very effective.

  4. So absolutely true, Laura, and something I truly needed to hear. I love your photo all the more for it!

  5. Laura .. It is the light and subject .. And the envious desire to be there! With camera of course 😃

  6. Nice one 🙂

  7. Well, you must be more critical than I am…or have that “photographers” eye. I really don’t see why you think this photo is less than perfect. I think it looks perfectly gorgeous! Love it!

  8. Amazing photo Laura, the soft light and then the sharp bird beside, so beautiful 😀

  9. Yes I do the same. But i have learnt not to look into certain things too much. Where’s the fn in that? 🙂

  10. it has a lot more ‘feeling’ than many of the technically accurate photos we see all over the place.

  11. Love the comment made by sixpixx. Most of my photos have been described as ‘pretty raw’ because they’re not technically correct, but I prefer the comments about how many of my shots tell a story and that’s what it’s about, isn’t it? I love the colors in this image as well as the composition.

    • I liked that comment too. 🙂 Definitely stories or a mood. I think we can be hard on ourselves and hard on others too. So many times I’ve gotten “advice” on what my shot should’ve been. I never do that. Sheesh. Seems strange to criticize someone’s art unless asked for it. Thank you Ida. 🙂

  12. Works for me. Sometimes I think photography is 50% light and 50% composition with everything else being bonus points. It’s mastering that first 100% that’s the trick.

  13. This is what I really want in my photos – sharp and crisp but it’s so rare and unobtainable it seems considering what I have for cameras. I would love to be Mr. Pelican gliding on the wind…

  14. My best work is never perfect.

  15. fab post….
    i just did some blur photos on Saturday night.
    new for me.

  16. I live in the part of the world where the land ends and the water begins, the water that goes on forever. What my world has taught me is that in each day there are many, many imperfections, but it has also taught me that hope resides in the little bits and pieces that are truly perfect. Each person who looks at your images will be measured by what they say they see.

    • What a beautiful comment Charlie. Such a great lesson for life in that we are not the universe but rather one tiny piece of the universe. So much to see and know and feel. Thank you. 🙂

  17. Beautiful shot! Thank you for posting this – your ideas/views regarding the subject of “crisp images”. I often love how blur looks in a shot – trying for something different. Generally our eye is trained for crisp images – sometimes seeing the world in blur is not such a bad thing.

  18. Beautiful!! I think the colors and the contrast between the warm orange and dark ocean/bird are lovely.

  19. For just going for it, this image you get another wow from me. I Love the colors and the pelican itself brings to the forefront for me, effortlessnes, a languid slow sweeping, soaring through such incredible beauty. Brings … yearning. ❤

  20. Totally agree. It’s important to just enjoy the moment. We can become to critical of ourselves and our work. Great shot by the way.

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