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I’ve been awaiting return of my camera which I sent back to Nikon to be repaired about a week ago.  A few months ago I sent it in for a service advisory they announced (which is like a recall where they repair for a known issue) even though there was nothing wrong with it.  At the time I thought I’d better take them up on it in case my camera ended up having problems later.

Wouldn’t you know that another problem cropped up after I received my camera back from the service advisory?  Thank heavens I didn’t have to pay for this issue because Nikon acknowledged that the issue was created from the last time they had my camera.  Nikon has been really great with its customer service, so thank goodness and thank you Nikon!

My camera should be arriving Tuesday, and I can’t wait!  Meanwhile back at the ranch…….I’m narrowing down on the images from Land’s End.  This one was done in Lightroom.

Hope you all had a great weekend!




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Journey of a Body on this Earth

33 thoughts on “Violet

  1. Beautiful Laura and great with good customer service 🙂

  2. That sun is amazing. It is so bright it’s as if the photo is generating the light and I almost need sunglasses. Also, even though it is so bright I don’t get the feeling that the highlights have been blown. This photo is really playing tricks with my mind.

    • Your comment is so unique and I love that! I thought the same as well regarding wearing a pair of sunglasses. Thanks for your comment and I hope to trick you again soon! lol

  3. Just beautiful Laura! Good luck with the camera too…!

  4. Another beautiful snap from you! Love looking at your work.

  5. What a beautiful image, I love the colours!

  6. This is a beautiful image. You feel lost without your camera. I sent my Nikon off for a repair recently, and a friend lent me a dlsr until mine came back. It wasn’t a Nikon – a really nice dslr though, but everything felt ‘wrong’ – the controls were back to front. I got some nice shots with it, but was glad when mine came back! You grow into your camera, or it grows into you and becomes part of you. Hope you get yours back soon 🙂

    • Thank you so much for sharing this. I used my iPhone lol. I do instagram photos with only an iPhone so I was busy learning more about the iPhone apps. It wasn’t all bad, especially considering I had a slew of images to work on from the D750 while it was out for repair. It should be coming back tomorrow late evening. Yay!

  7. Been without your camera…I’d be wobbling around. Hope you had a backup.

  8. I had to get my Nikon exchanged once too. They were very good about it. I respect a company that will admit a defect and fix it. I have a minor gripe with the D610 and D750; they both use the same eye piece and it falls off all the time. I managed to “fix” it by jamming plastic tooth picks in it. I use a Black Rapid strap and the camera brushes against me.

    • Glad to hear you had a good experience with customer service as well. Yeah that eyepiece is a pain. I ordered a couple more just in case I lost one. I used to use the black rapid but I could never really quite get used to it. Many people love that strap and swear by it. I’ll update everyone as to my camera’s health once I receive it. Thanks for sharing your experience Sherry.

  9. Beautiful image. And good to hear about Nikon’s customer service. People usually only comment when it’s bad news or sub-par service.

  10. wauw – I really like the atmosphere around the sun and capture of the crazy waves! nicely done! I personally think that a little more light in for ground could lift it even further. When using Lightroom you should be able to get it from the “shadow” bar. just a tip. Love your work!

    • Thank you Steendahl. I’m glad you like it! I tried lightening the shadows in the foreground but I didn’t like it personally. I was trying to replicate what I actually saw this time. For a change! LOL.

      • haha i See 🙂
        it’s always difficult to give feedback on the post-process when you can’t see the different variations. I think you have a very strong image here as it is. And cheers for the follow back. Looking forward to see more of your work.

  11. What a fantastic shot! Makes me want to take a vacation on the coast!

  12. waiting, waiting, for your baby to come home.

  13. wow…what was the sky doing that day!!

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