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Sunrise from the Marin Headlands


I finally got my camera back and yes I’m excited, so I had to post this photo of an incredible sunrise from the Marin Headlands this morning.  The Marin Headlands is in Marin County which is just across the Golden Gate Bridge north of San Francisco.   I hope you enjoy the beautiful color.  🙂

Happy Sunday everyone!


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Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

52 thoughts on “Sunrise from the Marin Headlands

  1. Just gorgeous. Lovely restraint on colours,Laura.

  2. Excellent and impressive!
    (Here is one more very nice site that explains holograms very well. I have a few of Inaki’s holograms… and they are superb! )

  3. stunning absolutely stunning

  4. Beautiful colors and lighting, Laura. I can only imagine how much you must have missed your camera. Enjoy. 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. Very pleased to hear your camera is back.

  6. Hooray 😀 A truly celebratory image too!

  7. It is so hard being without a camera…glad you got yours back.

  8. lovely photo from lovely part of the world

  9. Great. Camera’s back. I’ll get to see even lovely photos.

  10. Gorgeous, what fun it can be to get a camera back. Like the return of an old friend…..en theos † jasL

  11. Fire in the sky. Wowww. Great timing getting your camera and hope all systems go with it 🙂

  12. Wow, that was from the Headlands? I’m zooming and ever stop and smell the roses..

    • Yes! Just below the Hawk Hill Roundabout which was CLOSED by the way. That’s where I wanted to go. Weird that they had barricades at that time preventing people from driving up there.

      • You would think since that’s one of the most photographed places in the world they would keep it open…

        • I’m wondering if it’s because it’s really really narrow and hard to see when it’s not light out. You know, that old Conzelmun road on the way down to the lighthouse is really steep and narrow. I dunno. I emailed the park service about it because I want to know for the next time lol.

  13. Awesome Laura and I commend you on your early rise!

    • Thank you Jane. Oddly enough it’s easier for me to rise and shine and zip over than to go out late, especially with the traffic lately. It’s gotten so bad as I’m sure you know.

  14. Wow, that sky is just stunning

  15. Beautiful sunrise colors.
    You must be happy to have your camera back. I’m sure it has some stories to tell while in the factory for repair. 🙂

    • Thank you David! I can only imagine what my camera would say. It was probably sitting around with the other ones waiting for repair saying, “Can you believe we’re back here AGAIN?” lol

  16. Great image, Laura. Glad your camera is back home and happy again.

  17. Congrats on getting your camera back! I am all set as well. Bring on winter! Happy Thanksgiving, Laura! ❤

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