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I Think Therefore I Am


Do you ever wonder about that saying, “To think therefore I am?”  This phrase was first expressed in French by René Descartes, a 17th century French philosopher, as “je pense donc je suis”.  It’s much like picking up a camera for the first time and starting to take pictures over and over and trying to improve.  One focuses (no pun intended) on the art of photography learning to master the camera, how to see things and translate them into images or even to post process an image.  We are constantly thinking photography and therefore are becoming photographers.

In my social media existence I’ve seen people ask, “am I a photographer?” or “am I a real photographer?” or “am I good enough to be called a photographer?” and many iterations of the same question.  To me, if you are conveying your emotions through photography you ARE a photographer.  Putting a quantitative value on conveying emotions is impossible in my opinion, and after all…isn’t that what it’s all about?  We see something compelling and we want to share that feeling whatever it may be.

I think I’m a photographer….no wait, I AM a photographer!

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

71 thoughts on “I Think Therefore I Am

  1. You are a photographer. And a bloody good one 🙂

  2. I am just starting to be really interested in photography, because I ruined my hands making jewelry, and I have to have an artistic outlet that is easier on my body parts. I used to just post other people’s photos, and then I started with my own, but now I feel I can only post really good ones, and I do not have very many of those. I see so much great photography on WordPress (like yours) that now I feel embarrassed to post anything that is sub-par. I am not sure how I can get over this feeling.

    • Hi Carol. I’m so glad you posted. I had a similar issue with the piano. I have nerve damage in my right hand and cannot play anymore. It was my hobby since I was 4. I took up photography 5 years ago and in the last 2 years I’ve gotten more into it. Please don’t EVER feel sub-par! Everyone is on a learning curve and I fear it never ends lol. I look back at photos I took even 6 months ago and don’t like them. I’m glad you’re here and please post away! Be proud of the steps you’ve made because after all, that’s what feels so good. 🙂

  3. I appreciate your perspective on photography, the artistic expression, the encouragement and especially your talent. This is a stunning image Laura. I can feel the slight breeze, hear the sea birds and waves crashing below. I can feel the soft sponge-like ground cover beneath my feet and my breath beginning to slow to the rhythm of our beautiful mother earth. That is a gift, thank you for sharing!

    • Wow thank you so much for this poetic comment, Carrie. 🙂 I really appreciate it. 🙂 I think it’d be fun to go take photos with you SOME day! I’m hoping we drive up there sometime this coming year. We have a couple of trips already scheduled though, so it might be later in the year. I’d love to do springtime though!

  4. Wow. Just at the right time. Every so often I tend to doubt my abilities and do ask myself whether or not I should continue thinking of myself as a photographer. There are so many people- sometimes it feels like too many people- who have more talent, are more creative, more knowledgeable. And yet, this “hobby” gives me so much pleasure. Thanks, Laura!

    • I’m so glad this came at the right time for you. It’s amazing how things like that happen in life y’know? Synchronicity at it’s best! I love your art and the way you see and post process things….even if I miss a lot in the reader. :\

  5. You certainly are – no doubt about it – and in the same breath an artist who shows us the world through her beautiful vision. 🙂

  6. What you call yourself, or what others call you is of no importance if you got a real sense of joy when you took Morning Glory or if you get that same sense of joy when you take a look at it from time to time.

  7. Oh YES; you are!!! (and back in my reader!!! 😉 )

  8. “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. William Shakespeare, supposedly.

    Since we all think you are a good photographer….well, yes, of course you are. We all can see thatl.

    If one must ask oneself that question, then one might not be quite where one might want to be. For example, I don’t question my ability to take a good photo, not that I always do. I’m not always where I want to be.

  9. Your photos are tangible proof to anyone who sees them that you are a WONDERFUL photographer!

  10. I want to go to there! Awesome photo love the mood.
    YES, I AM in front of anything makes it so.

  11. Laura, I think a photographer is someone who must take pictures, just as a writer must write. Neither has to have an audience–but the joy is doubled when there’s applause. You inspire me. Loud claps for your picture, friend.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  12. You certainly are a photographer – wow! I always thought I was a writer until a magazine published my photograph. It was good but not exceptional. The subject matter was important.

  13. to be or not to be a photographer….that is the question.

  14. You are. I think we all have self-doubts (some good articles on “imposter syndrome” – not saying that you have a syndrome) 😉one good one I read was that Toni Morrison had that feeling about her writing… Anyway, Laura, with a landscape image like the one you’ve presented here…you are a good photographer!

    • I do agree about the self-doubt. It’s part of my life anyway since I was a child. Always feeling like I’m never good enough. Photography is a way for me to break that cycle and celebrate my accomplishments. Interesting about Ms. Morrison. Thank you Jane. 🙂

  15. Thank you Laura for lifting my spirit!

  16. I like you philosophical approach to photography. I photograph, therefor I am a photographer. As simple as that. In addition to the great text you have added a great photograph. Beautifully captured with beautiful light and colours.

  17. I think this holds for different media of artistic expression. I recently spoke to a woman who paints (a beginner and a great talent). She hedged when somebody used the word “artist” “No, not really, I am not an artist, not yet anyways….”
    I couldn’t believe it and pointed to her art work. “Did you do that?”
    “Well, then you are an artist!”
    She smiled.
    What is it in our human nature that holds us back and makes us too shy to embrace the talents we have?
    And then there is a much smaller percentage of people who think they are much better and much more talented than they really are (I could name some names related to the political race right now :-)). But that’s another story altogether.

    • I’m not sure the percentage of people who think they are much better than they are is so small lol. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :-). I love the encouragement you gave your friend. Sometimes we just need to hear it because you’re right. We are shy to embrace our talents. And OMG. Please dear god do not let that person get elected!!!!

  18. I find myself entranced with this image!! Not only did you capture such awesomeness, but how you delivered the editing process blows me away! I really LOVE this one, Laura. I cannot tell you how long I stared at this just drawn into what you created. Thank you for sharing. I also agree with you on your thoughts about being a photographer. An artist, which a photographer most definitely is, expresses the emotions through the medium of art, be it music, painting, dancing, sketching, or photography. Isn’t that the point? How lost this world would be if there were no art. IMO. Absolutely lovely post!!! ❤

    • Yay! I’m glad you liked the post and the image. I’m trying to step it up in the writing arena. It’s not easy for me that’s for sure. It’s easier for my photos to speak for me but I enjoy the challenge. Thank you m’dear. 🙂

      • Laura, I think you write very well!!! Just keep on practicing and I promise it will get easier. The post you read over at Petals … before I wrote it I had NO clue how to pull all those photos together, so I just sat down and started writing, thinking of how that walk went. And so it went. I will be your biggest cheerleader for you to keep on writing!!! YAY!!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

        • That gives me a boost of confidence, thank you! I will admit my writing of my blogs was kind of lacking before. It was more like…here is where we went, you can read about it here and that was it. I’m trying to make it a bit more interesting so thank you for supporting me!

          • You are SO welcome. I see your potential. All you have to do is prune a little, till the soil a bit, fertilize, dig out any weeds you find, and keep on caring for that talent so she blooms and blossoms in ways unimagined. You have got what it takes, Laura. I just “sense” it. ❤ ❤ ❤

  19. Your photos are an inspiration therefore, in my book, you definitely are. The light in this is awesome – in the original sense of the word.

  20. You definitely are a photographer! Love this morning glory. 🙂

  21. ……….and creating an image like this: You are an artist too!

  22. Beautiful colours, great pic!!

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