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Expanding Horizons – Size Contrast


One of the types of contrasts I’ve been focusing on lately is contrast in size of elements within the frame.  Notice how huge the cloud is and notice the inclusion of smaller elements like trees and ponds in the frame.  This contrast in size provides interest to the eye and conveys “majesty” or “awe” in an image.  (Or at least attempts to lol.)

If I were to photograph the large cloud only, against a hill with no trees for example, it most likely wouldn’t be as interesting as showing it with smaller elements because you wouldn’t fully appreciate the cloud’s magnitude.  You might’ve noticed size contrast in my last post of Drakes Beach in which the tiny people were shown against the huge sheared cliff shoreline.

I hope you enjoy the image and found the post helpful!  Have a wonderful Thursday!

Expanding Horizons - Size Contrast

Expanding Horizons – Size Contrast


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

56 thoughts on “Expanding Horizons – Size Contrast

  1. Very nice. I love the colors and lighting both above and below the cloud.

  2. As well as size of the elements, the leading lines are quite nice too!


  3. Wow! That is really superb! Clouds really make or break a landscape – these obviously make it 🙂

  4. Wassss Often heaven, impressive

  5. Thanks, Laura. An interesting way of looking at the term “contrast.” Taking this approach has a lot of potential for some different compositional results.

    • I’m glad you like it. I think there are “officially” or maybe it’s unofficially 5 types of contrast. At least from my readings. I’m trying to read something and then do it. Not always easy because I’m not out shooting as much as I’d like. Thanks so much for your comment!

  6. The clouds and colors are spectacular! In awe!!

  7. Scale is always important…which is why I like to start my “tours” with an establishing shot. Nice work Laura.

  8. Gorgeous image, really appreciate the tips and suggestions…Laura have a wonderful holiday season.

  9. Outstanding Laura…you just keep getting betterer & Betterer! lol! ~ Dave

  10. Scary. Beautiful. A wonderful image.

  11. Laura, I do the same thing to try to portray the immensity of Nature! Showing just a forest of trees does nothing to portray the size, not unless say, you include a picnic table in the picture. Awesome photo, my friend!! LOVE the editing once again!!! ❤

  12. Absolutely breathtaking!!

  13. Stunning photo and Ty for the information.

  14. You make a good point in this post about using contrast as an important element in a photo. And you photo – which is gorgeous – shows how well this can be used. I love it.

  15. This is lovely, Laura. I’ve enjoyed the last 3 posts, but am commenting all at once here.
    Love your comments about photography, about the contrast in size within a photo, and the photo from Point Reyes

    • Thank you so much LB. I’m glad you enjoyed the posts. It really means a lot that you enjoyed the content. I’ve been working at stepping up my game in that regard. Have a nice evening!

  16. I would say that you met your goal of conveying “Majesty & Awe” , this was what I felt upon seeing the photo, before I even read the text! Great Job Laura!!!

  17. it does! and that fiery sky is magnificent!

  18. So fine light – and an incredible colored and dramatic sky!

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