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Tonal Contrast


Did you know that Tonal Contrast is not only present in black and white but in color photos as well?  It’s really about highlights and shadows or blacks and whites.  Our ability to perceive these differences in tone is why we can recognize shapes and lines.

Images with High Tonal Contrast are primarily light and dark elements with a sharp difference between them.  They are dramatic and strong.

Drama?  Did someone say drama?  Yes as you might’ve noticed, I do enjoy a bit of drama in my images; therefore, I couldn’t resist capturing these big, billowy clouds for this example.  Usually we don’t get these kinds of clouds until springtime so I’ve been a happy camper with all the opportunity for interesting skies.

Cloud View

Cloud View


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

33 thoughts on “Tonal Contrast

  1. I love cloud photos so much I even joined the “Cloud Appreciation Society” based on a quite humorous, yet scientific book about clouds called The Cloudspotters Guide. It is good bedtime reading. Your photo is fabulous. The cloudspotters would love it!!!

    • Thank you so much! Cloud Appreciation Society??????? That sounds interesting. I do love a good cloud. 🙂

      • It’s tongue in cheek, British humor, but this author has a book on clouds, and publishes photos of clouds. People send him great photos of unusual clouds from all over the world.

        • That’s really neat that he does that. And oh, are you British?? Sorry if I don’t know that. Sometimes I get people mixed up in here unless I speak with them regularly lol. I think we’ve crossed into the regular status now. hahahh

  2. I very much like how you handled the lighting on this. Is this your front yard? 🙂

  3. I can’t imagine the time that was spent to get such an amazing shot…

  4. Fabulous! Well spotted, well captured

  5. Once again, lovely light.

  6. YOu are blowing me away with your work, Laura. Just incredible!!! ❤

  7. and what a beautiful example!

  8. such an excellent example.

  9. Laura, no I am not British, but I have to admit that I am an anglophile, exchanged houses when my kids were young with a family over there. Got a real feeling for the country by doing that. I was born an raised in San Francisco. Carol

  10. THe light is very fine and strong – makes a great effect – and great shot!

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