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Expanding Horizons – Time Lapse


My latest endeavor is time lapse photography.

My husband and I had an office installation scheduled and were talking to the owner of the company about photography because his younger son is interested in it.  One thing led to another and he asked me if I could do a time lapse of the office installation for the company website.  I agreed not knowing one thing about time lapse!  Is that a bit nuts?

The first thing I did was to look up in my camera manual how to set up a time lapse.  After that I realized the most important information one needs to know is the length of the time you want your final time lapse video to be.  In this case, my customer wanted a 90 second time lapse.  Once you know that, then you can figure out the interval between each photo taken.  There were other considerations to take into account like time lapse flicker, white balance issues and lighting which I realized when I was testing it out in our living room and in the room where the installation would occur.

Once I captured the time lapse (over a two day period), I then loaded it in iMovie and inserted some graphics and transitions along with some music I purchased.  I think learning iMovie was the hardest part of this whole thing!   Here’s the final time lapse for your viewing pleasure!  There are some things I know now that I will do differently the next time but hey, it’s my first attempt.

My customer liked it so much that he is hiring me to do another one in January.  Yay!

Here is a link I found very helpful in learning time lapse photography:  Time Lapse Info



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

46 thoughts on “Expanding Horizons – Time Lapse

  1. Love this, excellent job Laura. Your first try? You must be kidding…. ❤️

  2. Interesting and often times it is best to jump in with both feet to a project before you realize all that you don’t know…which may prevent you from trying in the first place…Nice work (and office).

    • I do have a tendency do jump right in and then worry about how later otherwise I’d analyze it to death and not do anything. So you hit it on the head! And thanks for the compliment. 🙂 Dave needed a Man Cave.

  3. That’s really cool. I can see why they want you back.

  4. That’s amazing… 10 Grand? I love the wood color and a hideaway bed…

    • Theresa…I think you’re psychic! I was reviewing my old knee replacement posts because someone has been commenting and I saw one of your comments and wondered how you are doing. I hope you’re doing well!! My knees have finally come around. 🙂

  5. Wow, Laura! You did such a great job on your first time trying. And now you have a job! That’s great 😊.

  6. Looks very professional to me Laura. Especially for first time. I need to check out iMovie. I currently use Lightroom for time lapse

  7. Very nice and I like your choice for the soundtrack. I use video editing software to do slideshows with photos taken with friends and I sometimes think getting the right background music is the hardest part, but so very important.

    • I’m so glad you like the soundtrack David, thank you. I spent at least an hour looking around. This one was cheap at only $10 too so not too bad. It really made a difference with music. Thanks for checking it out!

  8. Great job Laura, looks very professional.

  9. Impressive photography (and the room too), Laura.
    Blessings on your weekend ~ Wendy

  10. So much of life is just going to the edge of the cliff and jumping.

  11. Good for you Laura! You did a great job, I can see why they want to hire you. You go girl!! 🙂

  12. Amazed you could pull off a such a professional video just by reading a manual!!! I tried to learn how to edit a few home movies at Apple, and I was flummoxed. A beautiful job, and will lead to more jobs for you!!!

  13. Sorry for not writing but I am now in Texas with 24/7 internet with the grandkids so that means about the same amount of time online as back in the cabin. I still can not access my blogs I ‘follow’ but found a link to yours. If you don’t tell anyone they would never know it was your first TL. Could be an opening to a new line of income?? I wish you and yours a GREAT Christmas.

    • No worries Pete. Just fyi, I sent you a christmas card but to your Alaska address. So you’ll have it when you return. 🙂 I’m so glad you liked the TL! I did get another job with it but I need to figure out how to market it to local businesses. Thank you Pete and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your family. 🙂

  14. Fantastic Laura, it was really effective. No wonder they want to use you again. The music was just right as well. Have a great Christmas and New Year 🙂

    • Thank you so much. 🙂 I really had fun with it and I’m glad you liked the music! You have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well! I won’t be on here as much for awhile…’tis the season! Ho ho ho!

  15. Laura, what next will you be doing? This is just incredible! I’ve never done a time lapse with my camera. You put my teeth on edge sometimes because here I am with limited time and want to do SO much and here you are doing SO much and NEW. Great job here, my friend … said with a wee green. 😉 ❤

    • I have no idea what is next Amy. Maybe Paramount will be calling! LOL!! I have too much time although not much right now. Soon I’ll be vacating all media for the holidays. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for what I’m doing!!! It’s so fun trying new things. 🙂

      • I DREAM of having too much time, Laura. I LOVE doing different too and for me for now it is playing with apps to create digital art. I’ve literally walked from social media again due to time. I’ve been very involved with my LONG walks for one, and really trying to get my home organized. I am so in awe of what you are doing and trying. My hat is off to you, from one adventurer to another!!! 🙂 ❤

  16. I’m very impressed, both with the time lapse video and your new space!! I’ve been wanting to know how to do that, so thanks for adding the “how to” link. Cheers. And kudos!

    • I’m so glad you liked this post. The time lapse is so fun. And now so is our new office! If you have any questions about the time lapse, just drop me an email. I’ll look forward to seeing yours!

  17. I have not stopped blogging, but I have not taken time to visit others’ blogs like I used to. Yours is one I have missed. This time lapse was great–especially since it represented real progress on your new “office.”

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