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Journey of a body on this earth

Autumn Memory


Here in California we are in a period called El Nino where we are getting lots and lots of rain and receiving much-needed relief from the dry and brittle summer.  Yesterday morning I looked out our front door and noticed a pretty, gentle light hitting the big magnolia tree with fog beyond and I couldn’t help but try to capture the feeling I had standing there snapping away.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Autumn Memory

Autumn Memory

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

46 thoughts on “Autumn Memory

  1. That’s gorgeous! A great framed photo in the house. I’ve seen video of some very bad and dangerous flooding going on in Caly, hope you are on high level ground.

    • Thank you John! I think I’ll be printing this one on canvas for a wall in the house. We are a bit higher on one side of the house thank goodness. I do wonder about the other side.

  2. Beautiful Laura, I would Like for you to join or submit your work to my Tumblr Blog @ Looking for more Photographers to join this community.

  3. WOW..! Wonderful shot Laura..! : o )

  4. Ahh a beautiful foggy view. Your trees in your front yard are wonderfully elegant. My husband and I were just thanking our lucky stars we are not living in the canyon where we used to. They got over 5 inches in 48 hrs in that canyon this week…the drainage around our old house was nonexistent! The buyers negotiated $ off the purchase price for a french drain system…hope they didn’t pocket that money :/ Our new place has fared very well in all the rain over the past month and a half, drainage, clean gutters and absorbent soil helps a lot!

    • I have to say that I really love our house and location. It’s so homey! As for the rain…oh dear, let’s hope they didn’t pocket the money. Yikes. I’m so glad to hear your new home is safe and sound. I think we should be ok where we are. We are elevated on one side but let’s hope the other side doesn’t get deluged. Stay dry Carrie and thanks for the comments. 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing this dreamy capture!

  6. Lovely – very painterly

  7. Brilliant and beautiful Laura

  8. And it’s raining again up here in Sonoma… The creeks are roaring and the grape vines are dreaming of a warm bath…

  9. Gorgeous photo. I know California badly needs the rain, but its ridiculous the amount of rain you’ve been getting in such a short time.

    • Thank you Tux. Where we are in the SF Bay Area it really has rained at a good pace with dry days in between so here we are good, generally. Let’s pray for those who are in danger of flooding and for what the future winter and spring holds!

  10. makes a nice
    photo painting 🙂

  11. Another good one Laura…glad you are getting some much-needed moisture out there…

  12. Wonderful and moody photo, Laura. I, too, live in northern Calif. and am enjoying the rain so much. Everything is fresh. 🙂

  13. You never cease to amaze! And hooray for the much-needed rain 🙂

  14. I love the gentleness in the image, Laura. I can just imagine how quiet everything was as you stood there gazing at this scene. Love the way you edited this to bring out depth perception. ❤

  15. Exellent! Very colourfull, great photo 🙂

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