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Tone-Mapping Before and After


While bracketing images in-camera and then using Photomatix or Nik HDR to create a true HDR is preferrable, tone-mapping can produce nice results.  After some minor adjustments, I used one photo and imported it into Nik HDR to produce an initial image to work with, but most of what I did here after that was in photoshop.

I’ve included the original below in case you are curious.

Martinez Train Station - Tone-Mapping

Martinez Train Station – Tone-Mapping


Original - Lauramacky

Original – Lauramacky


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

44 thoughts on “Tone-Mapping Before and After

  1. The edited version is so good! 😀

  2. I love what you did with the original photo. I think it is very difficult to photograph and present buildings beautifully but you’ve done that.

  3. Big huge beautiful difference! 😍👍🏻

  4. Really well done, buildings can be extremely difficult to capture. But I really like this and the tone mapping is spot on. Its not something I have yet mastered. I must admit, im a bit afraid of HDR. When it works it looks great but if it doesnt its dreadful. Sadly my few attempts where quite shameful 😦
    Perhaps I shall give it a go again sometime,

    • Thanks so much Eddie for your comment. :). Have you tried Nik HDR for tone mapping? I think it does a good job. I should’ve also posted the result after tone mapping but before the final result because a lot was done in Photoshop. Anyway give it a go again sometime. Nice to see you here!

  5. Wow! what a difference. Great work Laura! 🙂

  6. Nice edit. Do you use Lightroom as well? There’s a feature there where you can auto-correct buildings (to straighten them up). This building is leaning heavily and could have used some.

    • Thanks about the edit. I corrected it already. The 14-24 lens creates quite a distortion unfortunately and because the shot was tight, it didn’t have enough room. 😦

  7. Ride the train from Jack London Square to Reno, in the snow! It’s so cool! Did it twice…

  8. Whoa! Your edited photo is amazing! I’ve never tried editing my photos beyond the basics- this makes me want to try.

  9. Amazing retouching work through PS, Laura!

  10. I love the end result Laura. Great job.

  11. Nice! That works very well.

  12. Man, I woke up this morning cursing you. I haven’t even started to tackle Photoshop and you throw tone mapping at me? Do you understand how emotionally fragile I am right now? So I had to go online and watch a tutorial on it and, damn, that’s what I’ve been doing ever since I got Lightroom, though I didn’t know it actually had a name. And I learned a couple of new things from the tutorial, too. So thanks, Laura. Oh, and by the way, nice photo!

    • I’m laughing. You are so funny Emilio! And I mean that in the absolutely BEST way. 🙂 So it is with my deepest and most SINCERE wishes for you to recover from the epiphany I bestowed upon you with this post LOL. Glad I enlighted you to what you’ve already done hahahaha. OMG..I’m laughing. Thank you. 🙂

  13. Beautiful shot..!

  14. Have to agree with Julie here (and in some ways relieved to hear that I am not the only one that takes ages to do this sort of thing 😀), the final ends up being a good photo from one which started off fairly lacklustre. Nice work, MM 🍀

  15. Ms L…….nice job, love the final version. So you going to a follow-up tutorial post. Inquiring minds and all that……keep em coming…..en theos † jasL

    • Thank you James! I think a tutorial on this would be incredibly long and boring listening to me drone on. I need to do another video soon though; thanks for the reminder!

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