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No Longer The Ahwahnee :-(


I can’t believe that The Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite (among other Yosemite landmarks) is going to be renamed!

As Kurtis Alexander said from, “Delaware North, the concessionaire, out of Buffalo, N.Y., wants $51 million from its successor to surrender the names of several landmarks that have been part of Yosemite for decades.  The company claims the monikers became its intellectual property during the 23 years it ran the park’s lodges, campgrounds and other tourist accommodations.

National Park Service officials are fighting a lawsuit that Delaware North filed last year to require Yosemite’s incoming concessionaire, Aramark of Philadelphia, to pay compensation for using the names. But with the switchover coming in March, Yosemite officials said Thursday they were heading off potential confusion and simplifying things for Aramark by making the revisions.

As of March 1, the Ahwahnee will be renamed the Majestic Yosemite Hotel. Curry Village will become Half Dome Village, and the Badger Pass Ski Area will become Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area.”

SERIOUSLY?????  Is nothing sacred?  What will be next, our planet Earth?  Maybe some day we will each be given corporate names right out of the womb.  Unreal.

The Ahwahnee Hotel

The Ahwahnee Hotel

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Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

57 thoughts on “No Longer The Ahwahnee :-(

  1. Beautiful photo as always, Laura. I see no reason to rename a landmark like that. Someone somewhere has what they think is a great idea but it seems rather selfish.

  2. Love the photo! Such a sad story! Majestic Yosemite Lodge just doesn’t sound the same! I had the pleasure of staying there last July..Amazing location!! 🙂

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  4. I believe the names will come back. Delaware North should not be allowed to operate in any park from now on. Great photo of the Ahwahnee!

  5. Beautiful image Laura. So sad they are changing an iconic name!

  6. Anything for a quick buck!!! Great image 🙂 The mountain is pure Adams drama!

  7. Call it what you want – they tried to rename the Tri-Boro Bridge in NYC to the RFK bridge, but it’s still the Tri-Boro…

    • Yeah but did they really rename it. I find it deplorable that these names can be bought and sold. Some call it “the way our world works”, but I don’t like the way our world works then. There is a value that is not monetary that is being ignored, much like the demographic of older people who are pretty much disregarded because they are not the major percentage of consumers.

  8. Laura Nikon Macky – has a certain appeal ☺

  9. Gorgeous image, Laura!!! As for people …. I swear nothing is sacred to a lot of them. How stupid to change names due to “politics”. Come on, get real!! ❤

  10. Great photo and interesting article!
    I don’t have to worry about any corporation wanting compensation for the usage of my name; there isn’t any peace in the world!

  11. Wowza on the image there, Laura. Those new names are soulless. imho 😉

    • Thank you Elen. Soulless is a PERFECT word to describe those names. The Majestic Yosemite Hotel??? Reminds me of that movie the Marigold Hotel or whatever it was. Ahwahnee speaks native american and a connection to mother earth which is what Yosemite represents. *sighs*

  12. Change is always hard, but my tolerance for the greed of business grows steadily less each year.

    • I’ve kind of had it with it to tell you the truth. Greed is ruining everything including the holidays by making the monetary importance grow and grow which diminishes the meaning of holidays and everything around us. 😦 Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now!

  13. I did not know about this, and I was so very upset that I could not even reply until now. So many of us have wonderful associations with the name “Ahwahnee”. There is something utterly deplorable about this particular case. It has to do with values, but I am still sputtering and cannot articulate it!!

  14. Such a wonderful photo. I read the story in the paper this morning and was flabbergasted and just so mad. How can anyone like even think they own the rights. In my heart and in my words it will always be the Ahwahnee and Camp Curry. Greed is just getting out of hand.I would hope this puts a black mark for any future work they do anywhere.

  15. It is just such a shame that this has happened – seems to me to be rather small minded

  16. Thanks for telling me about the petition. I just signed it.

  17. That is scary, to say the least. Your photo, on the other hand, is beautiful!

  18. They bought the name and camp curry? Is nothing sacred?

  19. Milady…nothing is sacred

  20. It’s shameful. Delaware North has made a very grave error… As someone who spent many Januarys in Yosemite staying at the Ahwahnee Hotel, I am not amused in the least with this maneuver, and I will be directing energy towards the ultimate failure of Delaware North.

    • So shameful. How can people live with themselves doing things like this? I’m glad you are directing your energy in that way. I posted a disgruntled statement on their FB page.

  21. I read someone use the comment that what is happening is “obscene”. That is a great adjective.

  22. Actually, I decided to look into Delaware North. This really isn’t entirely their disaster, but instead, is a mess the NPS is primarily responsible for. This doesn’t mean I excuse DNC, however, it appears they were blindsided by the NPS. I also got some information from a friend who had a past with this whole thing and it COULD have all gone much, much differently, however, lack of foresight caused this, not the DNC:

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