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Paramount Theater – In Color!


And here it is….the full color version!  A few days ago I posted the black and white version of this beautiful theater and now here is the color version.  The Paramount really is all about color.  It’s so incredibly vibrant and beautiful.

Oddly enough though I think I prefer the black and white which is unusual for me since I lean toward color.  I’ve included the B&W below just in case you haven’t seen it.  I’d love to find out which people prefer, so I’ve included a poll at the bottom.  I’d appreciate the feedback!


Paramount Theater in Black and White

Paramount Theater in Black and White

Should you wish to purchase the color version, please click here.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

73 thoughts on “Paramount Theater – In Color!

  1. The B&W brings out the wonderful light. Great image.

  2. Beautiful Photograph ♥♥♥

  3. Did you do the Black and White version post production? I think sometimes doing post production loses something in translation. I like to do B&W in RAW and then I can control depth of field and contrast more than doing post production. They both look good though.

    • I did. I always do PP black and white but from a RAW image. I did it in photoshop with no plug-in filters this time. I’ve never shot in-camera B&W…probably because I don’t produce much in the way of B&W. I do enjoy viewing B&W photos though! Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  4. Both are gorgeous and strikingly clear shots, Laura. But with the colour shot, I feel more warmth and a strong touch of classy. The colour photo sort of makes me want to dress up in those olden day Victorian costumes, and sashay down that aisle to a good tune 😀

  5. The color is beautiful, but I think the B&W leaves something to the imagination that is right for this place.

  6. B&W is nice but I like the color. The center isle carpet and wall color draw me more towards the stage like I want to be seated there.

    • I’m loving hearing all these differing opinions!! I know what you’re saying about the color. This place really is all about color really. It’s so vibrant! Thank you for your comment Mike.

  7. They’re both beautiful! I really like the black and white though!!

  8. In it’s hay days, it was packed… I believe it was the 30’s… They restored it quite well

  9. This is difficult: both are absolutely stunning. I prefer the color one (normally I don’t), the ceiling and the lights look massive in the colored version and all the different colored textures… I am really impressed by both photographs! Greetings. Reinhold

    • Interesting how you prefer the color one in this case. It really is a place that’s packed with color. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos Reinhold, thank you for your comment!

  10. I like the black & white one very much, Laura, but the colour one is so vibrant! Two lovely works… much liked here

  11. I like them both but the B&W has a lot of drama. What a beautiful theater.

  12. That aisle carpeting deserves to be in color, so I guess you know how I voted. ☺

  13. Interesting poll, I assumed the color version would beat the BW. I like both versions and am fascinated with BW photos, but this particular location seems to favor the color side. I suppose it’s too ornate for BW photography.

  14. Love it!!

  15. Such an amazing facility; I love the detail and the light you captured in your shot. It was interesting to see the same image done in black and white.

  16. Beautiful shot, Laura. Honestly I’d be tempted to add some artificial aging to the photo in Adobe. Looks equally well in b&w. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  17. Love them both, and I agree that the monochrome is a great image, but love the depth of the colour version, so I voted for that!

  18. Though I can’t fault the b & w on its own merits, there is no comparing the two images. This theater needs to be seen in color. It is just amazing. You can focus on the ornate detail in the art deco style in black and white. But the additional layer of color is just something more to marvel at!

  19. That is a real tough question, because I love them both. But I think I’m going with B&W.

  20. They are both beautiful photos in their own right. I enjoy viewing both equally.

  21. Wonderful Theater..!

  22. 130 likes. wow. u r the bomb 🙂

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  24. WOW. WOW. Did I mention WOW! I actually prefer the color. The richness of the carpet is phenomenal along with all the other designs. Your editing is fabulous, Laura! Man are you good!!! ❤

  25. It’s dead even right now…i instantly went for the B&W. For me, the depth and contrast is incredible…amazing shot

  26. I love the colour version, but then I’m a colourist and these colours are so rich and glorious and dramatic. The ochre patterned centre isle takes your eye down to the gorgeous warm illuminated crimson/Indian red curtains. None of that can be felt in the monochrome image, which has its own magic of course but none of the beauty for me. Isn’t great that we all have different opinions and see things with a different eye. That’s why art is so hard to define and beauty is always definitely in the eye of the beholder. Warmest wishes as always Laura. Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment Andrew. I know exactly what you mean. Even though I like the B&W, I don’t like it that much more because of the reasons you mentioned. Those colors are truly amazing. Hope you have a good rest of the weekend. 🙂

  27. I do love the B&W, but I’m so glad that I can see the beautiful colors of the Paramount. What a gorgeous space!

  28. I do love these old theaters and I can’t decide colour or mono- both are so brilliant!

  29. I personally think the B&W is stunning. It gives that extra depth and contrast that I think the color, also beautiful, is missing.

  30. I really like the Black and White and actually prefer it now I have seen both, but something in me just wanted to see the colour version first, so I could know what they looked like in all their elegance!

    Beautifully done Laura!

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