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Tulip Thursday


Every year I seem to get this crazy chest cold.  Hopefully some day soon I will get over it and be able to get out into life once again.  But until then, took a picture of some tulips on our kitchen counter and processed it into what I hope is a pleasing  image.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Grace Falls

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Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

62 thoughts on “Tulip Thursday

  1. It looks great! I hope you feel better soon too. ❤️

  2. So beautiful! Hope you get well soon, Laura.

  3. Send you all my best thoughts and hope that you will be healthy fast Laura. Nice tulips 🙂

  4. It is a glorious image for sure. Best wishes on feeling well soon.

  5. Hope you feel better soon Laura

  6. Lovely!

    Having a toddler constantly eating unsavory things and jamming his fingers in my mouth, nose, and ears has made me very familiar with colds recently! I am enjoying toddlerhood and will miss certain adpects of it when Littler is on to the next stage, but this is a piece I don’t expect to miss! (Cough, cough, sneezw, whisper hoarsely.)

  7. Get well soon and love your photo!

  8. Oh, that does give me hope. What a lovely splash of colour on a bitterly cold day. Everywhere I go on the intertoobs someone seems to be in the grips of a nasty piece of cold business. Hot Toddy? Be well!

  9. Love the image Laura! I hope you’ll get better soon!

  10. get well soon. I wish I could send you the flower from your photo 😉

  11. Beautiful as usual, Laura. Love the softness. My go to cold/flu remedy, I even drink it most mornings as a preventative measure. So far so good! Wish I could bring some over to you.

    • Oh that looks amazing!! We have a lemon tree too. 🙂 I might go out for some ginger later if I can. My hubby is horribly sick now too. It’s an infirmary here lol. I’m glad you like the image. Thank you. 🙂

      • I highly recommend it. It really works! I use a quart mason jar. It holds 2 to 3 lemons (sliced 1/4 in) 3 to 4 inches ginger (sliced thin but not see through) and 8 to 10 oz raw honey (make sure it is raw, local is best if you can find it). Layer 2 to 4 lemon slices, then 3 to 4 ginger, then lemon/ginger until you get near the top. Pour in all the honey and let sit over night (or at least for 2 hrs). Worth the trip out I promise 🙂 And it keeps for up to 3 months so you can have it on hand, which I love! Hope you and your hubby feel better soon.

  12. Get well soon and thank you for the beautiful tulips!

  13. Love the shallow depth of field – its either the rain or a bug that stops us taking images!!

  14. Beautiful tulip. Such a pretty shot. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Drink lots of water and rest up 😊💜

  15. A beautiful bloom! Look after yourself and hope you’re better soon. Lots of bugs doing the rounds over here too!!

    • Thank you Sarah! It sure seems there are more bugs in the world doesn’t it? Now hubby has a horrible flu. :\

      • Now my hubby has a horrible tummy bug 😦 I’m kinda hoping it’s something he ate or drank that I didn’t or I’m going to find myself in a similar predicament tomorrow! Feeling awful for him 😥 I have massive empathy for anyone with dodgy guts! Hope you’re hubby is starting to feel a bit better x

        • Oh no! I hope your hubby gets better soon. Turns out Dave had food poisoning. I haven’t been policing the food in the frig since I’ve had this cold and he had some cooked pork from a week ago! Poor guy. He’s fine today though.

          • Oh lordy!! Yes, Simon was absolutely fine the next day. I think maybe he got something from handling some of the toys at the local kids soft play centre. I’m always careful about using the gel hand disinfectant stuff when I’m there! It was really busy in there on Saturday so any one of the kids could have had a bug. Fortunately I have been ok!! I feel for your hubby but I can’t believe you have to police the fridge 😉 lol!

          • I’m glad you’re both ok and that Simon’s “issue” didn’t carry on. I just threw some things out of the frig. lol

          • I have to check some things which are “slightly out of date but might be ok” for any whiff as Simon has a really poor sense of smell! I’m actually really glad he doesn’t wear aftershave too often as he tends to overdo it a bit 😉

          • I’m so sensitive to perfumes! They practically make me choke! Dave doesn’t wear them anymore lol.

          • Oh no! There are a few that I’m really sensitive to, mostly women’s perfumes. I end up with sneezing fits! Really embarrassing if you’re in the cinema or theatre and can’t get away from the offending scent 😮 I chose Simon’s aftershaves so I know they’re ok for me 😉

          • I have issues with smoke, ash, bleach, gas, propane. Basically I need a bubble!

          • Oh lordy, you’re even worse than me!! I was never great in smoky rooms back when everyone still smoked in pubs and clubs, even though I smoke myself. Dry Ice smoke machines cause problems despite all the crap manufacturers tell people! Dust, hay, straw and those sort of things are bad if I’m confined with them. Mostly I manage with antihistamines and asthma inhalers. Can’t spend long in a stable though!!! My worst hayfever season starts very soon as the trees come in to flower. Tree pollen seems to affect me worse than many others! Just glad I’m not allergic to cats 😉 I’ve never understood why it is that perfumes give me sneezing fits when other allergens make me wheeze! It’s odd but then so am I 😉

          • I think I might be worse than you! I’ve not had the opportunity to be in a stable to see if that bothers me lol. I have tree pollen issues as well! Eeesh.

          • I hate tree pollen but still love trees!

          • I’m sure it’s starting already! The worst is when the big sycamore in our gardens starts flowering. I have my parking space right beneath its branches so the car gets absolutely smothered in pollen!!

          • I’m looking outside right now and everything is blossoming! Soon it will be brown if we don’t get more rain. 😦 Do a rain dance for us! lol

          • Yeah, we’ve had plenty of it so it really ought to head your way!! We had some early flowering of spring flowers but I think it’s settling back to a regular schedule now. Plenty of catkins everywhere 🙂

  16. Wonderful.! Godd job..!

  17. That is gorgeous, such a lift for this cold, gray, rainy day.

  18. Pleasing indeed – marvellous photos.

  19. thank you for this lovely reminder Spring is around the corner! At last!! Take care of yourself- everyone has been sick up here too!! It’s been a long wet winter!

  20. It’s a lovely photo, and hopefully looking at it, and the flower that inspired it, will help with the healing

  21. Tulips are the best! Don’t you think roses are just over-rated? 😛

  22. Lovely shot, Laura, and hope that cold is a thing of the past.

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