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A bit on panoramas…


Sorry….I know I posted earlier but I’m excited!

I’m excited because tomorrow afternoon I’m taking my camera club for a tour in a beautiful church.  I’ve taken a couple pictures there before and wondered how I could present a new look that would be different from my previous shots.  Enter idea:  Panorama!

While mostly panoramas are thought of for landscapes, I’ve been reading up on panoramas used for architecture so that’s what I plan on doing tomorrow.  Let’s pray it works out!  Hmm…well I’ll be in a church so praying would be so perfect, right???  🙂

To prepare for my momentous occasion, I tested it out today with the landscape shot below.  While I know it’s different for architecture, I wanted to make sure I knew the best camera settings and how to stitch them together in photoshop.  I know Lightroom does this and I tested it out there.  While it’s ok, I preferred to open my layers in photoshop and create the panorama from there.  In this way I could create a smart object and go back and redo something if it didn’t work out.

It was fun to get myself situated so that I know what I’m doing tomorrow somewhat.  I can’t wait to find out how it goes.  I plan on taking some regular shots just in case lol.

And naturally this image has my own twist to it with its colorization.  🙂

Panorama Test

Panorama Test


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

47 thoughts on “A bit on panoramas…

  1. Very Beautiful Panorama.. colorization is excellent.!

  2. If this is prep and test I can’t wait to see the real thing. Beautiful pano, Laura.

  3. It’s soooooo beautiful, I am putting it on my inspiration board right now! Also: can’t wait to see the results of the trip 😉

  4. Your colorization is in inspired. Have you ever explained how you do it?

    • Why thank you Victor! It’s always a tough one for me to share my exact process honestly. I do share a bit when I do those befores and afters but I don’t go into too much detail. I will share that I used Topaz Restyle to obtain this look though!

  5. The “test” is beautiful Laura. I can’t wait to see the real thing.

  6. Where is that…?

  7. It will be challenging, but you will pull it off I’m sure!

  8. Enjoy. Church shootings, with all the stained glass are amazing.

  9. Excellent pano, Laura. I really like the treatment. As your research on architectural panoramas has no doubt already informed you, the fun comes when dealing with parallax, especially when using wide angle lenses. But sometimes that can lead to dramatic results. I’m sure we’ll be seeing something really good; looking forward to it.

    • Thank you Robin. I know the interior of this church will be a lot more difficult. We’ll see what happens! I was grappling with using the 14-24 vs the 24-120. I think I’ll go with the ultrawide and let the distortion happen a bit. I was reading up on doing rows of them too! I think my computer would crash though lol.

  10. Excellent and pretty too. I like to grab the images in Lightroom after a bit of processing then use Lightroom export to panorama in Photoshop which keeps the layers and adds masks that I can then tweak as needed.

  11. I’ll be watching for the panorama!

  12. Beautiful shot ~ look forward to your photos from this shoot 🙂

  13. Wonderful scene.! Wonderful picture Laura.!

  14. Your landscape panorama is beautiful, Laura. I’m looking forward to seeing your architectural panorama 😊.

  15. That’s quite a bit, indeed. 🙂

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