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An Evening at the Pacific Coast (2 images)


I knew it was going to be a beautiful evening at the coast, so off we went to Rodeo Beach (pronounced “Roh-day-oh”) which is in Marin County.  First off, my plan was to do some long exposures, but when we arrived the tide was too far in and the surf was incredibly high and rough.  I tried a few but I couldn’t get a good composition around the rocks so I finally bagged that idea.  (I’ll share a more “wavy” image in the next day or so.)

It didn’t really matter though, because it was so beautiful and with no wind, so one can’t be too disappointed in conditions like this, that’s for sure.  So off came the 10-stop filter and away I went.

It’s so inspiring to stand on the edge of our continent and watch the huge sun dip down in the sky casting orange glow everywhere until finally we are just left with the burn of color.

Hope you enjoy!



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

36 thoughts on “An Evening at the Pacific Coast (2 images)

  1. Stunning and so inviting Laura!

  2. Gorgeous glow! Those minutes before and after sunset are my favorite of everyday.

  3. Breathtaking view! Thank you for the beautiful post, Laura!

  4. Beautiful side by Rodeo Beach. Wow, what a stunning orange colour. Like orange juice spilt all over the sky.

  5. Lovely on a number of levels

  6. We have a tradition, started when my little dog would be ‘smiling’….” ah, life is good”. Then we just lean back and enjoy. Looks like one of those moments. Nice captures.

  7. These are simply spectacular, Laura. I love the ocean.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  8. Like these so much!

  9. This picture is Fantastic. The light is beautiful

  10. Glorious picture.! Wonderful sunset.!

  11. Wow for some colorful photos Laura, they are really beautiful 😀

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