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Roaring Waves


Now you can see why I didn’t do a long exposure.  See where those waves are rolling in?  I originally had imagined being on the other side of that first rock.  Um yeah, that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.   The funny thing was that I felt so prepared before we left the house.  I checked the tide table online before we left and noticed the tide would be low at that time (comparatively) but also noticed that the waves would be 10-15′ tall so I guess I imagined those tall waves out at sea and not crashing in on the shore.  I think what happened is that the tide was low compared to other times of the day but probably not as low as it needs to be for me to take pictures where I wanted.  Live and learn!  I guess I missed Maritime 101 in school.  🙂

In any case, I loved hearing those roaring waves roll in and crash.  I forgot it’s that time of year though….Just a few days ago, 20 minutes south of here at Half Moon Bay, they started the Mavericks surfing championships.  Check out the pictures in this link by scrolling down.   Spectators can’t go there and watch anymore because in 2012 a rogue wave came up on the beach and crashed onto the bleacher area injuring people.  Here’s a video of that.  Please don’t show to young children.  Rogue Wave at Mavericks 2012.

Once time as I was trying to get close the wave crashed up on the beach much further and I had to run away (more like hobble quickly) with my camera and tripod.  Not a pretty sight.  LOL.

Big Waves at Rodeo Beach

Big Waves at Rodeo Beach – Lauramacky


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

54 thoughts on “Roaring Waves

  1. Can’t make up my mind if this looks ominous or majestic. Either way a very nice photo. I was reading last night that the 2016 La Nina is producing some fantastic waves in Mavericks and Hawaii’s North Shore. In fact, in Waimea Bay a 50 foot wave completely enclosed the bay. That would be something spectacular to see.

  2. Ms L…….El Niño El Niña who cares….I just loved hearing those waves this morning. Even from the 1000+ miles away I am. BEAUTIFUL….en theos…..jasL

  3. Usually it’s the humans spoiling something good, this time nature did it at the surfing event. Water is so beautiful, powerful, deadly and ultimately something we all die without. Irony.

  4. Save the camera! Sorry, I’m picturing you running with your gear. I’ve done that.

  5. You caught the Pacific Ocean waves on a mild day:) Try Goat Rock Beach’s waves…. Thems some waves!

  6. With waves like that I’m glad you kept it at a faster shutter speed! Great to see the waves breaking. Lots of drama 🙂 Maybe a longer exposure on a calmer day with the tide going out?

  7. That is superb…so much raw power – beautifully captured.

  8. Survived to tell the tale at least…

  9. Laura!! You caught pure absolute magic!! WOWOWOWOW!!! My goodness the way you framed this and the geometric patterns the waves and the rocks are making bring everything together so perfectly in harmony!! Stunning landscape, my friend! Just stunning!!! ❤

  10. That’s a great shot Laura

  11. Glorious.!

  12. This is a stunning photograph! I love the textures – the water – the rocks – the sand – the spray of the oceans waves! Fabulous! While I do like some shots long exposure – I think it would have taken away from the real beauty/nature of the shot. Again a stunning shot!

  13. Awesome! I so loved living on the Pacific coast and miss the crashing waves! We are surrounded by water where we live in Cordova, Orca Inlet, Prince William Sound, and Eyak lake; we just don’t get the power of the Pacific where we are.

    • Well at least you are by water! I know what you mean though. I’ve lived here all my life and used to take it for granted until I took up photography. Thank you Charley. 🙂

  14. Such a spectacular image, I really love the waves your captured.

  15. Really great photos, despite not being what you were planning! I just love the unpredictability of the ocean😊

  16. Love this image, Laura. Magic.

  17. The running away might not have been smooth, but the resulting image was excellent!

  18. Hahahahah clapping my hands even while I laugh. I douse my hat to you GOOD JOB

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