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Lake Merritt at Sunset (2 images)


Ahhh…my hometown of Oakland, California has a beautiful tidal lagoon downtown called Lake Merritt.  Many business, residences and churches surround it and it’s always bustling with people jogging, walking dogs and just sitting to admire the sunset.

Last night I took my camera club here to capture the skyline including the cathedral which is across from where we were standing.   The first image is looking to the left of the scene and the second image looks to the right and you can see the cathedral in the second image…it looks like a pope’s hat.  The lake is quite large and these two images comprise approximately 1/6th of the lake.

The lake was originally an arm of the San Francisco Bay formed where several creeks empty into the bay. It was surrounded by 1,000 acres (4 km2) of wetlands in the time when Ohlone Indians fished, hunted and gathered food along its shores.  You can read more about this gem here.

Lake Merritt with the Crow Canyon Clickers

Lake Merritt with the Crow Canyon Clickers

Lake Merritt with the Crow Canyon Clickers

Lake Merritt with the Crow Canyon Clickers



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

44 thoughts on “Lake Merritt at Sunset (2 images)

  1. Stunning, Laura! I’ve yet to spend an evening out at the lake. These shots are changing my mind about that! Well done.

  2. Stunning Laura. The first image is spectacular. The fiery sky is a perfect backdrop for those buildings.

  3. Ahhh! Now I drive on that street everyday and it looks so much nicer with your handy work!

  4. Absolutely fabulous, Laura! I am putting this on my list of places to visit when I’m back in the Bay Area next!

  5. Amazing! Love the 1st image ~ gorgeous.

  6. Truly awesome and beautiful masterpieces.

  7. Amazing. I wish I could move to the U.S.

  8. Wow…that first shot is amazing Laura, love the stormy sunset.

  9. How I wish our lakefront looks like this!!! The architecture is so cool! And your images, Laura, are awesome! LOVE the reflections in the water and how that water looks like a mirror. Wow!!! ❤

  10. absolutely gorgeous Laura!!

  11. Love the transition of colors in the sky of that first image. A real beauty!

  12. Not only are your images stunning to look at, but the words you put with the images are articulate and interesting. I appreciate you telling us the cathedral looks like the pope’s hat, because I would have missed it. I also appreciate your link to facts about Lake Merritt. Living in the Bay Area, I have had a negative image of Lake Merritt for all sort of reasons. You have reversed that idea in my mind, and I thank you!!

    • Aw thank you for liking my images so much along with the words. I’ve never been so great at writing but I always try to share the excitement I feel from the place I’m at taking photographs. And wow has Lake Merritt changed in the last year or so. i almost didn’t recognize it! I’m sure at night it changes but it was really nice there when we were there. Shocking!! 😀

  13. This is really beautiful! Colors are awesome here. 🙂

  14. Again, breathtaking! It makes me want to be there

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