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I’ve Gotta be Me!


Below is one more image from my Lake Merritt outing the other day.  I have to say that I totally enjoy taking architecture photos whether it be closer up or in a cityscape like this and need to do more of it.  There is something really fun about figuring out how to compose the shot with buildings in a skyline like this, what settings to use and how to present the image uniquely in Photoshop.

For this image I didn’t use any plug-in filters, only photoshop.  I’m learning how to achieve a lot of those preset looks myself  which is really fun because one filter preset usually contains several individual effects in Photoshop.

In any case, what I’ve learned is that I really have to be myself when it comes to processing photos.  When I’m smiling and getting excited about the direction I’m going in processing a photo, that’s where I need to stay instead of thinking “oh, will people think this is too much?” or “I need to hold back”.   While every image doesn’t work nor appeal to everyone, the more I push in the direction that makes me happy, the more I know I’m on the right track.  Full steam ahead I say!  (insert train whistle noise)

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Lake Merritt with the Crow Canyon Clickers

Lake Merritt with the Crow Canyon Clickers


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

67 thoughts on “I’ve Gotta be Me!

  1. Nice work. I’ve found myself enjoying cityscapes lately too. A whole different workflow than landscape and nature. But, I still enjoy the trails better than streets.

    • Thank you Ed. It really is different! Even when I took a new picture of our new kitchen recently, I realized how completely different the process was and is. The streets are more dangerous for a single woman with an expensive camera dangling around her neck. 😉

  2. I love this. And yes, you have to be happy in your photography. You can’t please everyone, but there are always people who will appreciate what you do.

    • Thanks so much Mary. 🙂 I feel like singing a song….”you can’t please everyone but’cha gotta please yourself”. I think that’s them. James Taylor? I’m rambling. Thanks again!

    • By the way I tried following via wordpress and I can’t figure it out on your site. I see the email widget but I don’t like following that way. Is there a way to follow by WP?

  3. I’m enjoying this series, Laura. Keep it up!

  4. Very nice shot and processing. I also like architecture photography (especially in subject rich downtown Chicago) but I hate the post processing, at least when it come to perspective correction. My widest angle lens is a Nikkor 24-84mm zoom and on the D7100 the 24mm only gives me 36mm. Of course that can mean less perspective correction but it also means I often can’t get the whole subject in the frame. I process with PaintShop Pro X8 and it’s perspective control is a bit difficult. It boils down to I enjoy the hunt and capture but the rest is drudgery.

    • Oh I totally understand what you say about lens correction. I used a 24-120 for this but I’m on a full frame. Even then, I have to make sure I don’t take the shot too tight otherwise I don’t have room on the canvas to make the correction. But I adore processing I think more than taking the photo!

  5. Lovely photo Laura. My view is they’re your images – you can process them any way you feel like 🙂

  6. Another wonderful shot! I hope to try architecture/cityscapes in the spring (and get out of my comfort zone).

  7. Pixar has used this area for a lot of their movies..

  8. Another “jaw dropper!” WOW! I LOVE what you are doing and YAYAYAYAYAY for you for following your Heart!!! OK! I’ve got my seat belt on!! Let’s go! I can hardly wait to SEE YOU emerge!!! Excited? You bet!!! And this image! Laura!!! Right on, friend!! ❤

  9. A lovely shot with such a wonderful sky – certainly only please yourself

  10. Always be you! I have always loved your subjects and processing Laura 🙂

  11. Love the images – love the idea of pushing in the direction that makes you happy, a lesson we all need to learn!

  12. Beautifully shot and masterfully processed, Laura. That’s what makes it such a creative adventure. Great job.

  13. Fantastic shot imbued with your enthusiasm.

  14. Well, you have to be you… Else, burgundy does not come out well!

  15. Don’t hold back Laura!
    I often see comments in a photo forum that I’m reading/half-assedly participating in, that people warn against “pulling the sliders too much” in Lightroom (over-processing). Personally I don’t care what people think about my processing. If they don’t like it, they can always look at another photo: I know that there’s at least 5 other photos out there on the internet. 😀
    Everyone has an opinion, but I don’t care about everyone’s opinion…

    • I love this comment Cardinal, thanks so much! And you’re right…there are at least five other photos out there to look at haha. That made me smile. First smile of the morning so thank you! 😀

  16. Beautiful capture Laura!

  17. I have been on jury duty, and so have not been checking in with WordPress. You are one of the top photo bloggers in my small world. I am wondering, how long did it take you fiddling with this photo to get this great effect with Photoshop? And, did you take a class in Photoshop or just teach yourself?

    • Jury duty! Ewwe! I did that once and I was stuck for 3 weeks. Hope it doesn’t last too long for you. Hmm…lesseee….it probably took me a good 3 hours for this image. I knew I wanted it different than the others and it took awhile before I figured out what I wanted. After that it was just doing the technical things to accomplish my vision. It always takes me longest to figure out what I want. I learned photoshop myself over the last 5 years through googling, youtubes and I purchased a class about 1.5 years ago by Dave Cross through Adobe which helped. I’ve actually worked out a curriculum to teach photoshop via skype. Here’s the link….just arrow forward to see the next page. Hope you are doing well and thanks so much for keeping in touch!

  18. Amazing edit Laura 🙂
    really love it! What a striking atmosphere!!

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