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One Photo Focus – March 2016


For those of you who don’t know this challenge, it consists of everyone editing the same photo taken by one person.  Below you’ll find my image as well as the original image provided by Nancy Merrill.  Thanks much to Nancy for this image!  Please do check out Stacy’s blog when you have time to see everyone’s submissions.  It’s always fun to see everyone’s edits!

Lately I’ve seen a lot of photos superimposed on car sideview mirrors, so I thought I’d go with it.  I happened to have a photo taken on my iPhone while sitting in my car, but with cherry trees in the mirror, so I superimposed Nancy’s photo into the mirror.

Basic Process (it’s so simple it’s embarrassing):

  • Opened my iPhone photo in Photoshop.
  • Masked out the image in the mirror where the cherry trees were.
  • Added a layer underneath containing Nancy’s image.
  • Added some colorization on the entire thing via Nik Color Efex.
  • Voila!


One Photo Focus - March

Original by Nancy Merrill

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

36 thoughts on “One Photo Focus – March 2016

  1. I don’t have the software to do superimpositions. Oh the fun it would be. 🙂

  2. Hi Laura, your edits are marvelous. I would never in a million years have come up with your ideas. 😀 😀

    • Hi Cee! Thank you so very much for that nice compliment! Honestly I almost didn’t participate because I couldn’t think of anything creative until I happened to come through my iPhone photos and then it came to me. Whew! Thanks again. 🙂

  3. Your take is unique, as always!! Love it.

  4. Talk about “Out of the Box.” This is very cool. Nicely done, Laura.

  5. Fun and creative take on this month’s challenge!

  6. Like your edit as it’s simple but also very much out of the box 🙂
    Lovely challenge btw, some very nice and creative work!

  7. I so like this idea….

  8. What a brilliant edit – absolutely love what you did! 😄

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