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Before and After (2 images)


Last post I short-changed everyone by not having the before image for you to compare against the processed one, so here’s another image I saved from deletion by processing it in Photoshop.  This time I have the “before”!

By the way, this was processed entirely in Photoshop with no filter plugins except for noise reduction with Topaz Denoise.

Window Light in the Evening @ Lake Merritt

Window Light in the Evening @ Lake Merritt





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Journey of a Body on this Earth

34 thoughts on “Before and After (2 images)

  1. Super! I like the processed photo a bit better. 🙂

  2. Amazing how a tiny bit of tweaking can make a good photo amazing!

  3. Yeaaa, that’s right! What app do you use for the filters?? The processed one is so nice…

    • Thank you Kate! In this one I just isolated various items and used layers in photoshop. Levels, curves, color balance, etc. Oh I did reduce the noise via Topaz Denoise.

  4. Another amazement Laura!

  5. What brings the processed image up a notch for me is the crop. It is so tasteful and the pops of color in the windows add a lovely depth to the images as well. Your sky….love it! I appreciate seeing a before and after, I am always curious to see how far an image has morphed from it’s original. Getting a sense of an artists beginnings is a treat. Thank you!

    • Thank you for such a descriptive comment. It’s also helpful for me to know what someone thinks of the different components. Since the building is the subject, I chose to crop out sky that didn’t need to be there. You’re welcome and thanks again Carrie!

  6. Fantastic. Love what you were able to bring out of the shadows and in that sky. So much more interesting now . I think I’ll steal your idea and show more before and after versions. I used to do the before and after prompts on Visual Venturing but it got to be too much every week having to explain every step.

    • Thanks so much Emilio. You might notice when I explain things (like in the OPF), I don’t go into too much detail because of what you said. It gets cumbersome. Plus, there are certain tricks of the trade I leave to let people keep guessing! hehe I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  7. Terrific post-processing, Laura. A deft touch is so important!

  8. It’s so amazing to be able to see the before and after.

  9. This is inspiring to me. It teaches me that I should be even more open to making a picture work on screen rather than on the spot where I am taking it. I sometimes don’t take certain pictures because the lighting is not right or something bothers me about it. I can get a little more inventive. Thanks for that 😉

  10. Wow, the original is OK….but nothing special…..the processing has brought it to life with wonderful added drama…the sky, the reflections and the light in the upper Windows now really pop😊great work ✨

    • Thank you much! It’s really impossible for a camera to take all the components in this low light shot and accurately display what we saw. It’s why people do a lot of HDR work but in this case I just took one image and isolated the components until I was satisfied. Of course I’m really never satisfied…. lol. Thank you again!

  11. You gave that image the X Factor, Laura! Verra nice.

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