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Shark Fin Cove – Flat Rock


Once in awhile I enjoy trying my hand at textures.  It’s all a work in progress but of course that’s what’s so fun about post processing!  I love puzzles and that’s how I think it is sometimes….figuring out what works best and in what order.  I’m a far cry from figuring out textures, that’s for sure but I do have fun trying.  🙂

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Shark Fin Cove - Flat Rock

Shark Fin Cove – Flat Rock

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Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

21 thoughts on “Shark Fin Cove – Flat Rock

  1. The waves look like shark fins.

  2. It really is a lovely finished work

  3. Looks very vintage… I love this texture, Laura!

  4. Wow. It looks like a painting. Beautiful work.

  5. picture perfect….. the picture projects that it says so much by saying so little….

  6. Laura-this is lovely- it has a very painterly quality about it- and I can sense the movement and sounds of the waves! Beautiful!

  7. Hey Laura,
    This is Mark. If your interested I’m also a Member of a Creative-Texture Group on FB.
    I’m on WordPress right now. I can send you an invite if you like when I go back on FB.

    Mark G

    • Thanks Mark. I don’t do FB groups. I always unjoin myself from them because I’m in way too many social media places, but I really do appreciate the thought! Thank you. 🙂

      • Your very Welcome. You had mentioned that you did play with textures on occasion. This one group specializes in adding textures to the images. They have discussions and some video tutorials to help us.
        If in the future you might be curious I can always send you an Invite.

  8. That’s a cool shot, Laura!

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