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Shark Fin Cove at Sunset


I took my camera club down to Shark Fin Cove the other day and we had such fun!  The sunset wasn’t as dramatic as I had hoped but you never know when it comes to the California Coast, especially around these parts.

The first image you see is a long exposure panorama.  I used my 24-120mm lens and five vertical shots stitched in Lightroom to create it.  The second one was 1 shot taken with my 14-24mm lens and the last one was 1 shot with my 24-120mm lens.   * I’m kinda bummed that for some reason these images didn’t come out that clear after posting them here but I’m too tired to deal with it now lol. *

I’m kind of tired today so pardon for the short post.  Hope you all have a great rest of the day!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

38 thoughts on “Shark Fin Cove at Sunset

  1. Beautiful photos. What a gorgeous spot.

  2. That panorama is top quality, Laura

  3. You captured such beautiful colors Laura – great work!

  4. They look pretty good to me Laura. 24 to 120mm is an unusual focal length for a lens, but very versatile I would imagine.

    • Thank you Mark. I do like that lens. It was the “kit” lens that came with my D750 but it’s not a cheap lens. It’s handy sometimes. I like the 28-300 best but I knew that wouldn’t be quite wide enough.

  5. NOt sure what your eyes are seeing but every single image I see glorified perfection! What you do with that camera of yours is awesome! And your talent in the editing room always has me saying WHOA! You are too hard on yourself, my friend. These photographs are magnificent!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Im with amy rose….. there’s something about a sunset and you’ve captured it!!! I rhinkmits about the intensity : )) Trees

  7. You’re all over it, Paula. Wonderful.

  8. Your Photos from Shark Fin Cove are amazing.

  9. Great shots, all of them. The long exposure panorama is stunning!

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