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One Photo Focus – April 2016


For those of you who don’t know this challenge, it consists of everyone editing the same photo taken by one person.  Below you’ll find my image as well as the original image provided by Cee Neuner.  Thanks much to Cee for the original image.  I really loved working on it!  Please do check out Stacy’s blog when you have time to see everyone’s submissions.  It’s always fun to see everyone’s edits!

Basic Process:

  • Used Lightroom to make basic adjustments to balance out light and shadows
  • Removed Power pole and lines using healing brush in photoshop
  • Added curve to sky
  • Added a tree using a tree brush in the background to cover up vacancy left by the bottom of the pole
  • Added a tractor
  • Used Macphun Filter calm day at a reduced opacity to get the general tone
  • Used Topaz Glow for detail in some areas like the flowers around the barn, the grass and the wood
  • Used Topaz Impression very lightly to make it look more painterly
  • Added a little bit of light in the sky right above the tractor
  • Adjusted colors using layers in Photoshop

Edit by Lauramacky

Edit by Lauramacky

Original by Cee Nuener

Original by Cee Neuner


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

42 thoughts on “One Photo Focus – April 2016

  1. Your adjustments makes me imagine something portentious is about to occur!

  2. I love the addition of the tractor and the painterly effect. great edits!

  3. An incredible transformation!

  4. Love the subtle painterly effects and the colours, wow! Looks like a storm’s brewing! πŸ™‚

  5. It’s interesting to read about your method and to see the results. It’s a dramatic photograph!

  6. Great work! I love the contrast between the brooding sky and the bright, colourful areas.

  7. Hi Laura, I really like your editing of my photo. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I really like the addition of the tractor. Well done.

  8. Fabulous edit, Laura! I love the tractor, and that’s a great sky there.

  9. Nice addition of the threatening sky and the red tractor, Laura!

  10. Love what you have done with this image Laura, it looks wonderful.

  11. Nothing good can come from going in the barn in your edit, Laura! Run, little tractor, run!!

  12. Stunning Laura! Those weathered boards on the barn are wonderful!

  13. Jaw dropping stuff, Laura. The final edit looks so warm and cozy, and the red flowers offer a rustic, romantic touch πŸ’• Thanks for sharing your process. Can learn from that 😜

  14. The red tractor adds an eye catcher to your awesome processing. Like the color palette and the lighting.

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  16. Love the sky, and the pop of the red tractor. And you’re still playing around with those paint effects? I could never get one I liked! But I like yours. πŸ™‚

  17. Once again, you’ve worked your magic, Laura! And how come so many removed the telephone pole and it never even crossed my mind?? Always love seeing what you do!

    • Thanks Stacy! I think I’m addicted to the healing brush. Recently I figured out that in some instances it’s so much easier than the cloning tool so I just HAD to use it!

  18. Great transformation, Laura. Really well done.

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