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More on iPhone Photography (4 photos)


While I love taking photos with my camera(s), there’s something about iPhone photography that’s such fun!  I think it’s because I really don’t expect too much from them and they don’t take a long time to edit.  Plus,  I don’t always have my camera when out and about, so in a pinch the iPhone becomes the recorder of memories and sometimes…just sometimes I end up with something resembling an artful rendition of what I saw.  

Lots of people load their regular DSLR pictures on Instagram, but I decided I wanted a place to look at all my iPhone pictures at once so I’ve dedicated my Instagram feed to iPhone photography only.  What’s important to me to share is that I edit those photos on the iPhone and never import them to my computer.  I love the challenge of editing photos on the phone.  There are several apps I use usually in combination to create the images.  Some of my faves are Leonardo (I love that I can do layers there), iColorama, and Mextures.  There are lot of others but these are definitely my favorites.  

Included here are four recent images.  For more of my iPhone photography, check out the Instagram link in the sidebar.  Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!




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Journey of a Body on this Earth

46 thoughts on “More on iPhone Photography (4 photos)

  1. Laura, these are beautiful photos! I’ve had the same experience with iPhone v. “real” cameras – my iPhone images have a much different character than my other work. Your comment about not expecting too much from phone images is surely part of it, as is the easy availability of apps that are more carefree, I guess, than the usual Lightroom and Photoshop.

    (My Instagram is 90% iPhone images – seems the right thing to do.)

    • Thank you! I like what you said about carefree. They definitely seem less technical although I still do layers on some of them. 90% is great! I just remembered another reason I don’t post my DSLR photos on Instagram….it’s because my photos are posted so many places. At least Instagram has something different for me. And yes, quite different character too!

  2. Beautiful photos Laura!!!

  3. Great idea to keep your Instagram account pure iPhone. Funny, I was thinking along those lines this morning too. Since changing the name of my IG page and removing most of the photos, I will be sure to keep the account iPhone-only.

    My new web address went live early today but there is no content yet. Important life stuff is keeping me from playing haha. πŸ‘πŸ»

    • IG used to be all iPhone but it seems now people are posting their regular images there. It’s nice keeping those photos all together I think. I don’t save them anywhere else. Let us know if your new site once it’s up and running!

  4. I have to remember my iphone. In fact, I think I might have something on it already I’ll go see and post the first good photo on it- after some processing, of course!

  5. This is a great idea, I love all of your photo’s on IG!! πŸ™‚

  6. I really like the edits. Thank you for sharing. I’ll try to download or purchase. I have been using the preset offered by IG. πŸ™‚

  7. I love your iPhone images Laura and I’m the same way. I never expect much from my iphone images then usually end up really happy with them.

  8. These are great Laura- the bottom two especially- real *pow* in the colors and details- I will look for you on IG- there is some great mobile photography that shows up there-I look forward to seeing more iPhone work in the future!πŸ˜ƒ

  9. Hi Laura, my new pages are up at but nothing much there as yet if you want to stop by. thanks. ❀️

  10. Wonderful photos, I enjoy leaving my camera at home sometimes and just use my Iphone. It actually makes me think harder on the composition and take my time.

  11. iPhones take rather good photos.
    my Instagram site is mostly HTC photos too.

  12. great photos…I especially like the last one, would be wonderful framed and on a wall! I also have neck and back issues so carrying my Nikon around is a challenge at best, so this year when away I decided to enjoy my time and use my iPhone only for photos. I clicked constantly and I was pleased to have some “descent” photos. I also take photos while being a passenger in a moving vehicle and have had some interesting successes here as well. I’m not a “photographer”, I’m someone who enjoys taking photos so maybe that is why I’m forgiving with my photos? Regardless it is something I enjoy and I want to keep it that way…

  13. Such beauty with the camera on a phone. The first one is an AH moment … the second is the WOW … the last two were OMG – from a phone?

  14. Gorgeous photos!

  15. Absolutely amazing photos!

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