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Sony A7 (2 images)


A few days ago we met my cousins from Michigan in Carmel, California.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect!  Usually when I go to that area, I make sure I have my squall jacket but I didn’t even use it.  In fact, I hardly needed a sweater!

I brought my Sony A7 with me, but I will say I didn’t really take that many pictures.  Being with family I hadn’t seen in some years, I didn’t want to start taking a lot of pictures and then ending up not being able to focus on enjoying my family.  No worries, I can always go back!

In the meantime, here are two images:

  • Hidden Beach at Pt. Lobos State Park – All I can say is that this State Park is absolutely fantastic.  I plan to go back so I can get more pictures of this absolutely gorgeous place.  This picture is really just a very tiny area of such a vast, incredible place.
  • Panorama from the Lone Cypress on 17-mile Drive in Pebble Beach which is adjacent to Carmel – You can see the Lone Cypress on the left.   One thing I’ve realized is I need a wider lens than what comes with the camera because I would’ve liked to have gotten more foreground in the shot.   The lens I used for this Pano is a 28-70mm and while for general things it’s a great lens, but I have a tendency to like wider.  I’m not sure how many shots the camera took because I used the Panorama feature which does it all in camera.
Pt. Lobos

Hidden Beach @ Pt. Lobos State Park in Carmel, California


Lone Cypress 17-Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, California

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

73 thoughts on “Sony A7 (2 images)

  1. It is uncanny to me how you have photos of all my really super favorite places to go!! I never tire of Pt Lobos.

  2. Beautiful location!! The tree looks like it’s cased in concrete to hold it up.

  3. Very Nice Laura, I was in Carmel a few years back I remember going to Mission Ranch for Dinner. such a beautiful place

  4. That drive is loaded with photo ops! Wonderfully done.

  5. Gorgeous coastline images. Looks like great weather, such a treat when family/friends are in town. Curious if you know the answer to this, in the reader on wordpress, how do you get your images to come up as “view gallery”. Where others can see that you have two images posted in this post? I have looked and searched and can’t seem to understand it. I have my posts formatted to “gallery” and still nothing shows up there. It is a mystery to me at this point 🙂

    • Hi Carrie 🙂 Mine aren’t in a gallery but I do know how to do it. I’m not sure I can explain it clearly but lemme try. I do not use the new WP interface…I use the old legacy style. Here goes: Add New Post, Click Media, Upload your Images, to the left click Create Gallery, click the images you want, click at bottom right Create a New Gallery, then over to the right click the dropdown box next to “Type” and choose the type of gallery you want, then at bottom click “Insert a Gallery”.

      There is another setting that will or will not allow multiple images to show in the reader without clicking on the blog but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is. :\

      I hope this all helps.

      • Thank you…maybe my problem is that I don’t use the old format. :/ I think it is the “feature image” that you are thinking of. I tried it with an without a featured image the last two days and can’t get the gallery to show up in the reader. Such a bummer, hard for people to know there are multiple images in a post otherwise. Sorry to take up so much space here, thank you for your explanation. I’ll keep researching. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Both are gorgeous images! It’s a fabulous park with so many stunning photographic opportunities. What a wonderful place to meet family from our of town!

    The GAS case I have for that camera is getting worse by the year! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I’m wondering what you meant by your last sentence? GAS case? What is that? Pardon for me being a bit dense! I’ve only had one cup of coffee. 🙂

      • Gear Acquisition Syndrome= GAS. Most the time I’ve got a case of NAS Nikon gear acquisition syndrome, but that Sony A7, A7r cameras have had my attention for awhile now.

        • OH! lol I have all those things it seems. What’s really funny is I brought the A7 because I want to use it more when I’m traveling yet I STILL brought my Nikon! And now I want new lenses for the Sony. Does it ever end??????

          • I fear not! We’ve got it bad. Buying into a whole second system is what keeps me from making the jump. I tell myself I’ll only get a landscape/nightsky lenses for the Sony, but I’ll end up carrying both my Nikon kit and the Sony and not shed any weight at all.
            Then I’ll add a walk-around lens…no I wont end. At least we’re in good company. 🙂

          • LOL…it is so true. I’m laughing. Oy!

  7. Two stunningly beautiful places in the world — your gorgeous photos highlight them wonderfully, Laura.

    • Thank you so much Jet. I wanted to make it to the area with the seals but one of my relatives had a knee replacement 5 weeks ago and it was not possible for him to walk too much. I’m going back!

  8. I am thrilled you had time with your family. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. 😀

  9. Gorgeous shots! Can’t wait for my new Sony!

  10. How are you liking the smaller camera?

    • Hi Robert. 🙂 Well…I think I like it lol. I haven’t really put it to a good test yet where I’m out taking pictures that I really set out to do. I’d like to try it at sunset but it seems we are in for some rainy few days. I’m hoping maybe on Sunday I can test it out. I will say that it is SO much easier to carry! I do need a wider angle lens though lol. I see there is a 16-35 which would be really great. (Does this ever end??)

  11. Wonderful photos. Have to envy your climate and these terrific locations.

  12. Gorgeous images Laura 🙂

  13. Great photos. They remind me of the time I was stationed there. After a year at the Presidio of San Francisco I was transferred to Ft. Ord. Worked on base there and at the Presidio of Monterey. A friend lent me the unbelievable sum of $300 so I could buy a used Yamaha 100cc to get around. I rode all around Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel-by-the-Sea. I even rode the 17-mile drive but only once. I forget the price but is was a splurge on my military salary.

    • Thanks David. 🙂 Amazingly enough the price went down to get into the gate. A few years ago we were there and it was $20. It was $10 the other day. It is really silly but like you said…how often do we really do that kind of thing. Thanks for sharing and serving!

  14. Beautiful shots! Wow, the 17-mile Drive. Visited there 10 years ago 🙂

    • Thanks Amy! We are going down there again in September and I’ll have more time for photography. Glad you’ve seen the area. If you haven’t been to Pt. Lobos….it’s incredible although I couldn’t get any pics of its incredibleness lol.

  15. you have a Sony A7.
    very cool.

  16. Photos are very beautiful! 🙂

  17. You are loving that camera, hey?
    My first priority is to change my Mac..
    Do I do it now? or after I am back from holiday in June?
    Life is full of tough decisions

  18. Beautiful images Laura, the first shot is awesome.

  19. Awesome panoramic photos. Having access to such beautiful locations is a treasure.

    • It really is. I feel so fortunate to have lived here all my life. It does take a while to get to these places if I go during commute though. It’s gotten so crowded in the bay area in the last ten years!

  20. Stunning images you got! And I should probably add “as always” 🙂

  21. Hidden Beach is Beautiful! I love the contrast between the grainy sand in foreground and the water/sky.
    Great shot!

  22. Point Lobos is stunning. Look for the baby seals at China Cove, and the nesting birds on the island. Also love the sea otters and whales. Beautiful photos!

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