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Coastal Dreams


I could live on the coast here in California.  Unfortunately the price to live on the coast is cost-prohibitive not to mention some of the most beautiful places have no housing.  Thank goodness!  At least there is some place you can go without development.   Oh and not to mention how expensive it is when you do see homes on the coast.  Living in California is expensive period!

But honestly, sometimes it’s nice to keep things a dream because they will never be taken for granted.  I will always see the coast here as mesmerizing, ever-changing in color and mood, and inspiring.

Coastal Dreams - Shark Fin Cove

Coastal Dreams – Shark Fin Cove

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

50 thoughts on “Coastal Dreams

  1. There is a rugged burst of energy at coastal spots like this. Beautiful vantage point, Laura. I am like you, I will always feel in awe of the coast. Such an untamed wonder.

  2. What a beautiful spot. Lovely photograph!

  3. Your images of the coast are inspiring. I get what you say about the mesmerising feeling. I have been lucky enough to find similarly rugged pieces of coast close enough to home. I enjoy my time there, as it seems you do 🙂

  4. Well stated and well displayed.

  5. What beautiful scenery! It IS a good thing they don’t develop there.

  6. how beautiful & dramatic!
    growing up on the coast
    I can appreciate the image
    & occasional visits now
    as it is expensive 🙂

  7. Nice picture… Now, the problem with you, is that you live in the USA..
    Move that coastline to India, pitch a tent. Put a photograph of some God outside the tent. WEar orange robes, and now you have got yourself a home by the beach!
    Devotees will contribute to building you a nice, beachside home!

  8. Awesome. Composition and post. Very impressive. Makes me feel the wind and smell the salt and sea.

    • Thanks so much Reinhold. 🙂 Oh…I was getting spritzed with ocean mist even up there if you can believe it! It can get very windy. I used a high shutterspeed for this one because it was hand-held.

  9. Beautiful….the photo and your dreams💕

  10. You are so right, we do NOT want people living on this incredible, and incredibly fragile, environment. I’ve not been to the coast yet, but I will, and I cannot wait! Gorgeous shot!

  11. Fabulous landscape image, Laura! 🙂 Aren’t we lucky that the coast is so well preserved. I pinch myself often. The drama in this shot is wonderful.

  12. Beautiful rugged cost and perfect colors. Makes me want to board the next plane and get lost there..

  13. I love the Pacific Coast. We were in San Diego Wednesday and Thursday but it rained all day so couldn’t get any good shots. Guess I’ll have to be content with yours. That should be easy!

  14. Near by where I live, that’s exactly what happens. We have to search and find which places give us energy to keep going. Just like: “There’s a place I go to, it’s not lonely, it’s a necessary thing”. Follow me on my blog:

  15. I just have to say that no matter how I look at this image, that flat part reminds me of a steak. Tee hee …. It really does. 😉

  16. Love this image. The color has a vintage postcard feel for me.

  17. You *know* I agree! Love this!

  18. Lovely moody image of the coast Laura! And i understand what you’re saying about being mesmerized by the ocean. I only visit the sea once or twice a year and it’s always a treat, whether its good or bad weather 🙂

    • Thanks so much for liking the mood here. And I’m glad someone else feels this way about the ocean. I’m going there this evening in fact! Not the same spot as this picture though.

  19. Beautiful. Very painterly with lovely textures.

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