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Pt. Lobos


I thought I’d share one more image from Pt. Lobos in Carmel taken on my Sony A7.   You can see my cousin way out on the rock in the upper right corner, but thankfully it’s not as scary as it looks.  I really want to go back there very soon.  Hmmm…I’m feeling a camera club outing in my near future!!

Pt. Lobos Carmel

Pt. Lobos

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

39 thoughts on “Pt. Lobos

  1. Gorgeous color on the water, Laura. I can hear the waves and churning waters!

    • Thanks Carrie. Oddly enough I only added a slight saturation. It really did appear that blue and green there. I love everything around Pacific Grove and Carmel!

  2. Really awesome shot, Laura.

  3. I love your rich colors of the ocean.

    • Thank you Cee….although I think the big man upstairs had more to do with it than I did. It really looked close to that blue! It’s a blueish area around there. I only added a tad of saturation.

  4. Oh wow this looks like a giant coiled snake or dragon!! The colors are awesome too! Beautiful, must beautiful, Laura!!! Looks like you are drawn to water like I am. There is such healing when near water. ❤

  5. Love! Your cousin makes the shot work really well. The rocks lead me right to him. What a great area.

  6. Are you liking the A7? Going mirrorless?

  7. Just rub it in my nose, you surrounded by the most photogenic areas of the Pacific Coat, me surrounded by dirt! Thanks, Laura, for reminding me what I am missing. 😦 But, on a brighter note. I like my dirt! 🙂

  8. Point Lobos is one of my favorite places in California. You can feel the ghosts of photography past there.

  9. Looks like a location with some wonderful compositions available.

  10. Gorgeous, love the coloration.

  11. I wish it were closer to me! The color of the water there is so pretty. The image is lovely. The A7 looks like a winner in your hands!

  12. Delightful photo! You did an excellent job of capturing the wildness and loveliness of this gorgeous place.

  13. Beautiful image Laura. I love Point Lobos. I wish I lived closer to the west coast.

  14. I have such great memories of our visit to Point Lobos; thanks for bringing them back. 🙂

  15. WOW! It’s great! 🙂

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