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The Stars are Aligned – GO WARRIORS! (video + pics)


Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge Warrior basketball fan.  I’ve watched almost every single game this year and we capped it off by going to the record-setting game a few nights ago which was the last game of the season.  It was an historic game as they broke the record of most wins in a season by winning 73, one more than previously held by the Chicago Bulls in the 1995-96 season AND Steph Curry set the record for the highest three-point score in the season which is now 400.  WOW…what a game!!!!!!

A couple fun and somewhat eerie facts about all this are:

1.  Steve Kerr is the current Warriors coach.  He was ON the Chicago Bulls Team when they won their 72 games…a record that has stood until this year when the team he coaches now broke the record.

2.  Another somewhat eerie fact is that on the night of the Bulls trying for their 73rd game, Steph Curry’s dad Dell Curry was the hero for the Hornets who were playing the Bulls.  Dell Curry scored 19 points and hit the final two free throws to give Hornets the 98-97 lead prior to the Bulls’ final possession and kept the Bulls from winning 73 games.  How odd is it these connections between the Currys and Kerr to the Bulls.

Oracle Arena which is in my hometown of Oakland, California, is the loudest arena for basketball.  Oakland fans are awesome and I was in my glory feeling the complete joy and energy of the crowd.  If I never go to another basketball game in my life, I’ll be happy having attended this one!

The playoffs start today and I’m so excited that I thought I’d share a video from the historic record-breaking game of the crowd doing the wave (yes I can’t believe we are still doing the wave) along with some iphone pics.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

14 thoughts on “The Stars are Aligned – GO WARRIORS! (video + pics)

  1. Epic!
    I was in the states when Bulls mania was in full effect, it’s good to see a team creating some waves, I think the NBA needs it.
    Always loved Steve Kerr too and no surprise his 3pt shooting prowess has rubbed off on the team.

  2. I’m not an NBA fan. I grew up in Pittsburgh which once had an ABA team, but… I lived in Seattle when they won in 1979, but I just couldn’t get behind the team/sport. Still, I’ve been rooting for the Warriors to break that record, just to shut up the talking head pundits who said it wouldn’t happen! Good luck in the playoffs.

    • Thanks for rooting us on to break the record! IMHO this is infinitely better then the NFL. yuck. I’m done with it. Way too commercialized. The Warriors have ably of stand up guys on the team! I’m rattling. Thanks again. 🙂

  3. LOL! The wave looked awesome, and I could feel the excitement and energy. Best of luck in the playoffs.

  4. Draymond Green is from my Alma Mater (MSU)! Go Warriors!

  5. Have a lady at work that’s a big Curry and Warrior fan too. 🙂

  6. Fun!! While I’m not a pro-basketball fan, I am a huge sports fan, and I love the excitement of big games, record setting games, and traditions. Congrats to your team!

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