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Oh Say Can You See!


Yes I can!  I can’t help it…over and over again lol.  Even though I’m not a tourist, for some reason I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of this bridge!  Well this one and the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge.  🙂   The other night when I was at the Presidio (see my previous post if you have no idea what I’m jabbering about), I took a few different pictures and thought I’d share them over the next few posts.

This one is not the zoomed out version of my previous image.  It’s a separate click all together and was taken slightly earlier than my last image while there was still blue in the sky.  I really love images where my eye wanders across the image.  Two things I did to make that happen was to get the shoreline in the lower left-hand corner so that it’s a leading line and the second was to include that sailboat so the water isn’t just there as a big empty space.  It would’ve been fine with the empty space but I think the boat provides a bit of interest and makes the eye dart across the image.

Now I can’t get the Star Spangled Banner out of my head.  Ugh!  I need to listen to some American Idol songs hahahaha.

Oh Say Can You See - Golden Gate Bridge

Oh Say Can You See – Golden Gate Bridge

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

50 thoughts on “Oh Say Can You See!

  1. If I lived where you do, I’d be constantly taking photos of the bridge too. Lovely capture!

  2. Truly beautiful, Laura! 🙂

  3. I need to visit SF Soon!! So many great locations, including this beauty of a bridge!! 🙂

  4. Why American Idol? I think one of Billy Idol’s songs was better

  5. Like you I love using leading lines and other visual tricks to get the viewer to almost take a journey through the image! You’ve done it brilliantly here 🙂 And hey, whoever said that our favourite things to photograph shouldn’t actually be close to where we live! I’d be in all sorts of trouble if that was the case 😉 I’m still completely obsessed with the Shard up in London!! I don’t think that will ever change 🙂

  6. What gorgeous light and color you had that evening! The image is beautiful!

    Did Warriors win?

    • Thank you! And YES! The game I attended you mean? It was fabulous! And they won the first two games of the playoffs. Curry is injured though. 😦 He didn’t play the second game but they won anyway. This team has got HEART! and loads of talent. 🙂

  7. so colorful and gorgeous 🙂

  8. Awesome capture, Laura. Like you, I never tire of this or the Bay Bridge. Now if they will just get that bike path from SF to East Bay done so I can get some truly epic shots…

  9. What sets you and your work apart from someone like me is that you are always thinking about what would make the shot better. I don’t wait for a sailboat to come into frame. And it’s those little things. Well, except for having an iconic view like this. But I could easily make something mundane out of that same view.

  10. What a beautiful sight! I so miss seeing my favorite bridge (and my favorite city), so thanks for this post, Laura. It’s a fabulous capture!

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