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Garin Park (Gallery)


Here are some photos I took while walking around a cute little park about 35 minutes from here.  You never know what you will find!  Please click on the gallery and scroll to see sharper images.  Thank you!

I’m posting these and then once again going to rest.  My eye is still twitching badly.  😦  I have a doc appointment tomorrow.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

52 thoughts on “Garin Park (Gallery)

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  2. Great photos Laura, from lowland wetland to lush green rolling highlands. 👍🏻

  3. It looks like a wonderful place. Lovely photos Laura!

  4. Oh it’s almost like parts of England! Rolling hills, wildflowers and hazy lakes 🙂 Really beautiful! Good luck at the docs 🍀

  5. Laura, I love these—especially the charming gate. I’ve pinned it.
    Blessings on your appointment, friend ~ Wendy

  6. It’s a beautiful park. I love your gate image, and green rolling hills with the tall mustard in the foreround.

    Sorry to hear your eye is still bothering. Hope it feels better soon!

    • Thank you so much! The gate seems to be a winner but that’s the one I spent time on. Thank goodness! lol Thanks about the eye. I’m about to leave in a bit for my appointment.

  7. Beautiful images. Good luck at the Doc.

  8. these are stunning Laura.

  9. You have a very good eye for photography, Laura. I’m sorry about your problems, I hope the doc can help you today.
    Dina x

  10. Fantastic compositions….the rolling green hills is standout ☺

  11. Lovely! Hope you get your eye sorted….

  12. Lovely set of images Laura

  13. Laura, these images are fantastic!!! I just LOVE the way you are editing. The gate especially the pulled at me. (Gate 2) I hope the doctor finds out what is causing that eye to twitch. It must be driving you nuts!!!! Sending Much Love your way! ❤

    • I’m glad you like the gate! That’s the one I worked on. All the others were quick in LR. I’ve saved some presets to make my work faster there. Well, I need to really not use the computer as much and I need to get more sleep. Plus I have some clogged ducts so using a warm compress in the morning is a must. I also have dry eyes. 😦 Most likely from Lasik I had in 2000. We’ll see if all this helps and if not then I go to an ophthalmologist. Thanks for asking!

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  15. You have it all covered, Laura. Great pictures.

  16. So…I’ve BEEN to this park! What a nice reminder of it.

    (In a previous career, I traveled to Hayward a few times, to the Gillig bus factory.)

  17. these are beautiful and the processing in the first two is a delightful magic!

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  19. Oh, Laura, these are exquisite. Love love love them!!! Best of luck with your eye. ❤

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