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I’m feeling a bit flighty


I’m not a bird photographer and my longest lens is a 300mm.  I did the best I could with these in post as they were taken quite a distance away and are severely cropped but it’s so fun watching these birds carry quite large branches up to the tree across the fairway where they’re building a nest.   We can’t see the nest because of where it is in a tree but they’ve been building all day long, pulling branches from a willow tree and flying to the nest.  Sometimes they pull huge branches and can’t quite make it up to the nest so they drop the branch and try again.  So cool!

Still resting my eyes.  I definitely notice more twitching when I’m looking at the computer screen.  Hopefully this goes away soon!

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

47 thoughts on “I’m feeling a bit flighty

  1. Very cool photos of these creatures. 😀

  2. Great photos, Laura. 🙂 Hope your eye issues resolve soon. I’ve had a few – very stressful when you need to use your eyes but can’t!

    • Wow I’m missing a lot of notifications! I just saw your comment after I went to the post itself. Thanks much for your comments and concern. I’m back minimally and my eye is starting to feel better. Crazy spasmy twitches!

  3. Oh wow they’re beautiful!! What a lovely story these tell too 🙂 I don’t know the names of all the American falcons but this is a stunner. What a great capture of it carrying in the branch 😀

    • This one is called a Kite. They are so fun to watch! They are my favorite raptor. Thanks so much Sarah. 🙂

      • Ah, we have a Red Kite here! One of the greatest successful reintroductions of a bird that was on the verge of extinction 😀 I love watching them!!

        • Oh I didn’t know there was a red kite! Thanks for that link. How fun!! They are amazing. the ones we have are called White Tailed Kites and are like acrobats during the mating where they hand off rodents!

          • Oh yes, I’ve seen other raptors do this! If you look back at my post of the Harris Hawk, Mabel, you’ll see that she turns herself upside down to catch the piece of food thrown into the air for her. I think it’s a youngster in training taking the food from the adult in this video. They’re incredibly dedicated as parents! Exciting news is that the Peregrine Falcons nesting in my local town have two chicks 😀 I’m going to attempt to get some footage of the adults hunting but peregrines are the fastest flyers out there so we will see!! Here’s the link to the live webcam

          • Oooo lucky you with the chicks close by! I love these webcams of birds. I was watching so,e bald eagle chicks the other day. Thanks for the link and info!

          • Oh wonderful 😀 Yes, I wish I had some of my own nest cameras up! I just had to share the link with you, it’s such a joy 🙂 Peregrines are becoming a very successful town and city bird! Norwich Cathedral has a resident pair that they’ve had cameras on for a few years now for everyone to enjoy the chicks. I believe that there’s a pair nesting on top of Tate Modern 🙂 Lots of pigeons for them!! Man can live in harmony with nature when it puts in the effort. It’s great to have a proper nest box for them in Woking now 🙂

          • Ahhh do the peregrines eat pigeons? I loathe pigeons! I think those and geese are my least favorite bird. I did love that link. I have it under my birds bookmarks. 🙂

          • Oh yes! They’re supreme pigeon hunters 🙂 It’s one of the reasons behind the urban peregrine scheme. The feral pigeons need to be managed and it makes sense to increase numbers of their natural predators 🙂 I like geese though!! My mum’s a bit of a goose whisperer, they all love her 😉

          • Goose whisperer lol! Can she please whisper ours outta here? 😉

          • Pahahahaha 😉 She probably could you know! Why don’t you like them? I’ve always thought they were rather amusing!

          • Because we live on a golf course and they are sometimes loud and obnoxious and leave gifts all over the place. We have a woman we named “The Goose Lady” who comes around with her two border collies to herd them and make them fly away so they don’t get too comfy lol. I love watching that!

          • Oh they’re very good at leaving copious gifts!!!! Is your garden not fenced off from the course? I can totally picture collies having a whale of a time rounding up geese 😉 Please photograph the spectacle for us!!!!!!!

          • Oh the geese don’t get into our garden but we consider the golf course our back yard. 🙂 Plus all the golfers don’t like all the little gifts left on the course. I wish I had a longer lens to capture a video of them herding. It’s so funny!!

          • Oh goodness, I bet the golfers hate it!! Green keeper must have his work cut out lol 😉 I wish you did too Laura as it’s definitely a sight I’d love to see 😀

  4. Beautiful shots all round, Laura. Really love the last one. They are hard at work and it must be a cozy nest. Good to hear your eye is getting better. Take care 😉

  5. What an awesome sight! They’re such gorgeous birds. My favorite of the Birds of Prey. Great images!

    Hope your eyes get better soon!

  6. Loved your pics! 🙂

  7. the twitching may also be connected to anxiety.
    (something to have a think about)
    Hugs, Gavin.

    • Possibly but it’s mostly caused by clogged oil glands on the lid. I’ve been doing what they said with warm compresses and it is helping. It’s also strain from the computer so I’m trying to not spend too much time right now. Just until this clears up!

  8. Not being a bird person, you sure got some excellent shots, dear friend! LOVE these!! ❤

  9. fantastic captures Laura!

  10. Well done with these. Captured – a moment in time.

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