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A few weeks ago when I was at the edge of our continent in San Francisco gazing off into the golden sunset, I noticed a helicopter flying across the ocean.  It kept going back and forth and I saw some coast guard boats out there as well.  It was an odd feeling to see something so golden and beautiful yet knowing deep in my heart that they were searching for someone.  I’ve seen this all too often.

The next day I found out that five teens were at Ocean Beach and got pulled in by a rogue wave.  Three teens survived but the other two were lost at sea.  😦   There are a lot of rip tides and rogue waves around here and so many people get too close to the edge of the waters.  If you plan to visit here, please read the signs and heed their warnings.

Helicopter over the SF Coast on a Search and Rescue Mission

Helicopter over the SF Coast on a Search and Rescue Mission

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

61 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. Gorgeous photo, so sorry about the teens. 😞

  2. The ocean is so powerful.

  3. This is a beautiful sunset, excellent colors! 🌞🌞🌞

  4. LM…… is probably amazing of all that goes on while we look at world through our viewfinders. Thankx for reminding us of the lives that roll bye & bye…..en theos….jasL

  5. Sad story.
    But beautiful photo….

  6. Those rogue waves can be treacherous. I had a close call in Iceland last year.

    • Oh dear. 😦 That is scary indeed! I’m glad you’re ok. Someone I know is an excellent photographer who is published regularly almost got swept away. Fortunately she managed to get back to the beach but it affected her for months. She’s very careful now and does more architecture photography. Her camera was on it’s tripod further back.

  7. That’s very sad, Laura. It is a beautiful photo. The water can be treacherous.

  8. Gorgeous photo but oh so sad story. When I lived in Hawaii, I was terrified of the North Shore Beach trip we took. Though we went in the “low” season, my kids were 6 and 10. I was the “mean” mom who would not let them go past their calves on that shore. I went in to my waist before I let them in and a wave pulled me all upside down and I literally crawled back up the beach. Yeah, ankle to calf height for the kids was enough to scare me and I stayed next to them the entire time. Those poor parents:(

    • Oh my gosh. That would be so scary!! Did it scare the kids? Yeah I don’t go in at all. Here it’s so cold I don’t want to anyway.

      • I kids didn’t even notice. They were busy in the sand while I “tested” the water. Just a few feet from the shore and I felt like I was going to die. It probably wasn’t that bad but when your upside down in the water and being drug across the sand…it sure felt that way. But, it was a good test that kept me from letting them go in too far!

  9. I could only imagine seeing such a beautiful view and then knowing that there was something sad to come with it. I feel so bad for the teens. It saddens me that three of them will forever have the memories attached. Hopefully they will find the two soon to get them back to their families.

  10. It’s a good reminder….We don’t have big waves in FL, but strong rip tides…The beaches have warnings all over, but not everyone pays attention!

  11. Such a beautiful image and such a sad story and circumstance. Sometimes beauty and tragedy, unfortunately, intermix.

  12. Excellent image and timing Laura!

  13. Truly a bittersweet photo, Laura. Such a gorgeous photo; such a tragic story.

  14. Such a beautiful golden sunset! I’m sorry to read the tragic story of the teenagers. That’s heartbreaking!

    I got pulled under once as a girl and I wasn’t in further than my thighs. I clawed my way back to the shore, and have rarely gone in deeper than my thighs since, and I don’t turn my back on the sea without constantly looking over my shoulder. It’s beautiful, but dangerous!

    • Someone else just told me the same thing! Seems to be very common. I don’t go in at all anymore and worry if I set up the tripod even if I “think” I’m far enough away. Talk about paranoid! Thanks for sharing your experience and for the nice comment on the sunset.

  15. I can’t bring myself to click on “like” with such a backstory to your image. Of course it’s a beauty. I wouldn’t expect anything less. But such tragic deaths will haunt me.

  16. Gorgeous photography, Laura, but the story gave me the chills. Oh, my stomach truly just dropped out from out under me. Kids really think they are immortal and take these crazy chances. I cannot even imagine what the family is going through right now. ❤

    • Thank you about the photography. I felt the same way standing there when I realized there was a search on and horrible the next day when I found out after another day of searching they couldn’t find the teens. 😦

  17. Great image. I see the sea and the sea sees me. Hey, ho.

  18. Sad news and a good reminder for all of us. What a beautiful capture, Laura.

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