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Survivor TV Show – Audition Video


I have a friend who is hoping to be on the American TV show, Survivor.   Recently we were talking about her trying out and I ended up making this video for her out of photos and clips she had.  We also did a couple insertions of some video I took of her on my Sony A7.

The video was made in iMovie which is inherent software on my Mac.  It was so fun to do!   Check it out.  It’s only two minutes.  She would be perfect for it.  Pray she gets picked!!   (Wisti ok’d my posting of this video.)


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

25 thoughts on “Survivor TV Show – Audition Video

  1. thats cool…..brave woman no way would I go ON SURVIVOR, only watch it lol

  2. Go Wisti – I’ll be cheering her on from the comfort of my lounge chair with a glass in hand!

  3. By gum…I think she stands a chance! Hopefully she’ll remember her cinematographer when she wins the million, eh? ~ Dave

  4. Having also watched many, many Survivors, I think your friend would be perfect! You’ve put together a great audition video. And I could just see her being dropped off on a desert island – in that red dress! 😀

  5. nice job laura! That is a great video.

  6. I tried for amazing race with my daughters mom, we missed one page of the form and we were disqualified:(

  7. Wow! Well done with the video :). Props to Wisti for going after this. Not me, uh-uh, no way 😱

  8. well done!! Good luck to her!

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