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Brick at Mare Island


I’m so excited for my upcoming camera club event at Mare Island Naval Shipyard on Saturday!  This image was a quick one I took when I was down there scoping the area for the upcoming event.  I sort of had to make something out of nothing as the original of this picture was quite nondescript and not my best to say the least.  But before tossing, I thought I’d doodle and came up with this.  Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!

Mare Island Brick - Mare Island Naval Shipyard

Mare Island Brick – Mare Island Naval Shipyard

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

31 thoughts on “Brick at Mare Island

  1. That is a stunning shot! I like the texture of the building and the leading line towards the clouds and light. 🙂

  2. Love it Laura… I love the drama in the clouds..

  3. I love this shot! Great colors and the details in the brick are stunning (I know, that word has been used, but it’s true!)

  4. Great work, think you have captured this shot perfectly

  5. If I doodled, I’d come up with doodly-squat. This is beautiful, Laura.

  6. Sorry Victor and Dan but when you guys say “stunning” it sounds a bit… effeminate. Of course, it IS stunning. But now I sound effeminate, too! Couldn’t you have used a different, more masculine, word?

  7. the edgy sort of HDR look brings out the best in this one.

  8. Amazing shot Laura, dare I say stunning😊

  9. Really nice, love the depth.

  10. Long time friend!
    Very cool pic…

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