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Mare Island Camera Club Event


Last night 18 people showed up for my camera club event at Mare Island Historic Shipyard in Vallejo.  I think that’s the largest attendance since I’ve been doing this.  It was really nice because people seemed to be excited about the location.  Already over 50 pictures taken by club members have been uploaded into our meetup event online.

In these images you’ll see the street address containing “Nimitz”.  The name “Nimitz” is after Commander Chester W. Nimitz of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet during World War II.  He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area after the war and served as a Regent of the University of California from 1948-1956.  The name is popular around the bay area.  Along with a street on Mare Island named for him, Interstate 880 (the Nimitz Freeway) is also named for him.  I still call the freeway “the Nimitz” and have never quite made the switch to saying “880”.

A few posts ago I shared some history of Mare Island and you can click here if you’d like to read more about it.

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Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

35 thoughts on “Mare Island Camera Club Event

  1. title photo is stunning

  2. You’ve gone quite dark and moody lately! Really suits the images 😀

  3. Nicely done, the brick one is my favorite because of the darkness.

  4. I really like the lighting and clarity of these images. 1085 Nimitz is my favorite. How do you like the electronic view finder on the A7?

    • Thank you David. I’m happy you liked the images and that you picked a fave. :). I’m loving the Sony and its electronic gizmos. The viewfinder is just amazing! I purchased a 16-35 lens which is what I used on this outing. Phenomenal. Honestly I can’t see carrying around my D750. I’m wondering if I should sell it. But it is nice to have a backup camera.

  5. Beautiful and excellent series of an inspiring location. If you ever set a a virtual camera club I will be number “19”. Smiles. Reinhold

    • Thank you! Now that would be quite something….a virtual camera club outing. Maybe you can be a hologram. 🙂

      • Actually I think that would be fun. A camera club with selected members round the globe. One composition challenge per quarter. Each member has to deliver 3 images in a predefined category. QTR 1: Architecture, QTR 2: Landscape, QTR 3: Nature, QTR 4: Story… specific to his/her location. The first quarter starts at July 1, 2016. Important: **** Quality: as high as possible. Prep time: as much as possible. **** Presentation of images: first weekend before quarter-end. Starting number of members = 10. It has to be a club . No permanent host. Link to the other members posts in the footer of each presentation. A member has the right to nominate a new member for the club after 12 months. So on July 1, 2017 we will be twenty. The year after 40….
        We will create a logo to brand the blogs of the members. Comments of members should be constructive and point sharp to +/- of each images to help improve each others photography skills. May be we could meet once a year in a video conference to discuss results and new ideas. I vote for you as president and I would love to do some of the organisation / administration / technical work. Now is this totally crazy? Feel free to tell me. It was just an idea which came to my mind reading your comment. I couldn’t do it because I am only “another WordPress blog”. 🙂

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