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Lake Chabot Sunset (2 images)


Last night I took my camera club to Lake Chabot in Castro Valley for sunset, and Mother Nature did not disappoint!  All I can say is WOW!  I haven’t seen a sunset like this in awhile and was so excited that it happened when I scheduled our outing.

The sky was ever-changing and I’m so happy with the images I got.  Both of these were taken with my Sony A7 using a 16-35mm lens.  The first is a pano later in the evening which I did absolutely nothing to except to straighten the horizon and the second was taken a bit earlier with the same camera and lens, lightly processed in Lightroom.

Enjoy the display!





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Journey of a Body on this Earth

102 thoughts on “Lake Chabot Sunset (2 images)

  1. Sunset photos are my favorites. To say “beautiful” doesn’t do these pictures justice. The first one took my breath away. The second one made me want to soar into the sky.

  2. Gorgeous photos, especially the first one. It looks like an afterlife shot.

  3. Beautiful!

  4. WOWZA!! Beautiful! You’re making me jealous with that A7, Laura. ❤️

  5. I love sunrises and sunsets. These are besutiful. The panorama is amazing, Laura

  6. didn’t happen like that
    the years I paddled there!
    happy to see it
    so, now 🙂

  7. Great shots with the reflections and color. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to occasionally straighten a horizon.

  8. There is something about a gorgeous sunset that completes the day just perfectly. Beautiful Laura.
    ~ Dave

  9. What a fiery display, beautiful photographs!

  10. Fantastic, Laura! Thanks so much for sharing the shots! 🙂

  11. You were in the right spot! Wasn’t it glorious! I was in Santa Cruz, and turned around and as you said, “WOW!”. Your images are fantastic, and gorgeous!

    I’m really loving what you’re doing with the Sony A7 and that lens.

    • Oh did you get some pics? I’ll have to check your blog. OMG it was amazing! And thank you 🙂

      • I only took a couple of iphone images of the red sky behind me. I was wedded to getting the Moon shot which didn’t work out the way I had hoped. I may end up doing a blended image instead of the single frame I hoped for. I’m going to let the images marinate a bit and see how I feel about them in a few days.

        I’m so glad you photographed the red evening sky from there. It’s a beautiful spot. I haven’t been there before. Of course your image is selling that spot for me. 🙂

  12. Sony A7 using a 16-35mm lens.

  13. double wow!! what a visual delight!

  14. Love a flash sunset!! : )))

  15. these are stunning! I may have to kick the old canon to the curb… You, work magic with the A7

  16. You certainly did luck out with this sunset!

  17. It always wonderful to catch a sunset like this one. The vertical image is stunning.

  18. Gorgeous! The colors are incredible!

  19. Laura – I can only imagine how nice this was in person to see such majestic color! ☀️

    • Ps – sorry about the loss with warriors – I actually thought they would win and feel a sense of major shock still – anyhow – sending blog love and hope you have a nice week- peace

      • Oh that. lol Thank you for your condolences. It was shocking. Very close though so at least it wasn’t a blow out!

        • That is a good point – and we know they will be back – and I know this does not make it easier – but the city of Cleveland needed this – I just saw that documentary about the sports pain in that area and heart went out – and some of those residents might have needed this infusion more than others – and I guess I saw my Buffalo friends ache to lose 4 Super Bowls – and maybe in those old steel towns with economic hardship – well maybe a significant event like this is even more assuaging and needed – well never easy to lose – but I think it helps to think of this – and the talent on the Warriors will likely have them back again and again.
          Have a great day L!

          • All very good points! The Bay area is very lucky in so many ways and we have so many sports teams over the years that have done so well. The Warriors gave me complete joy all season long and The final result doesn’t take away anything from the whole season. We will go on! So now I’ll end with Go Giants! 😄😄😄

          • Oh that is such a nice perspective and so true !! And earlier this year I would walk by and see Steph curry play and it was so fun! My hubs told me his early on his momma asked the coach if he really thought her son could handle the NBA – well boy can be – and I am sure you know all of it way more than me – but it seems like he brings something generationally fresh! Either way – love to watch him play!
            And hah –
            Go Giants

          • He does bring something different. The whole team does and a lot of it comes from Steve Kerr.

          • so right and ok – just heard that Steve Kerr does yoga – yeah baby!
            and that name makes me want to say Steph Curry – so similar.

          • LOL…it’s the little things in life. 😉

    • OMG it really was a sight to behold. Thank you so much. 🙂

  20. That second one is awesome – I love it when you capture the light as it goes from yellow, through red and orange, to a deeper and deeper blue as you go up the frame.

  21. Amazing! Just so gorgeous! My fav, if you can have one, is the second. I think gtonthenet’s description of the light in this image is perfect. Can’t wait to see more, 30 you say! 😉

  22. What an amazing glow! I really love these photos.

  23. OH. MY. GOD. Laura, I was blown away by these pictures. I was just saying to my husband last night when is the last time we saw a sunset because with all the development around us, where once we were able to see the sunset that is no longer possible. OH how I must go to the waterfront to see the sunset now. You’ve got me inspired to do so and I hope to do it soon. I miss seeing the sunset. These images are drop jaw gorgeous!!!! ❤

    • Thank you so much! I was SO happy that I had coincidentally scheduled my camera outing on the best sunset day of the year!! And yes…get out there for some glorious sunsets Amy. I really feel so wonderful when I”m standing there enjoying what God has to offer!

      • Oh, Laura, I MUST get to the lakefront. I know of the perfect spot just to sit on a rock and gaze at the sun going down. I would LOVE to do it this weekend, and so, I will talk with hubby to make a plan to. The sky has been SO blue here that I know the sunsets must be dazzling! I am just excited thinking about going!!! ❤

  24. Gorgeous shots, Laura! This is easily one of my favorites of yours. Well done.

  25. Magical!!! Your students are so lucky of having photo lessons from you!

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