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Dizzy Not Ditzy


This will be as close to politics as I get on my blog……..”what is she talking about?” you ask?  Read on…

First the politically-related info…the place I took this from was the Trump Tower garden.  I wasn’t going to mention the location because I didn’t want anyone to think I liked Trump lol.  So let me get this over with and say I cannot stand him!  THERE, I’ve said it.   Done, kaput, fini!

As for the inside of his building, which I didn’t bother posting, it was incredibly tacky.  Honestly I guess I expected something nicer but it’s so dated and cheap looking.  A New Yorker I met said, “Duh…he’s a New Yorker!”  Not sure I completely understood that comment but I think I kinda did.

Now onto the photographs….I was very dizzy looking up at these buildings!  Seriously…I was teetering as I took these.  Maybe it was the humidity lol.   I’m including both the black and white and the color because I can hardly ever convince myself to stay with black and white.  You know me and my color….I just can’t help but love it.  I cropped for the black and white because I thought it was less distracting without that portion at the top which shows in the color image.  I think either works though.

Which one makes you feel more dizzy????  Note I said DIZZY not DITZY…I’ve already got that market cornered!  😉

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Dizzy Not Ditzy - New York Architecture - BLACK & WHITE

Dizzy Not Ditzy – New York Architecture – BLACK & WHITE


Dizzy Not Ditzy - New York Architecture - COLOR

Dizzy Not Ditzy – New York Architecture – COLOR


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

60 thoughts on “Dizzy Not Ditzy

  1. Nice photos as always, Laura. There are no candidates to vote for. Neither is fit for the big chair.

  2. Whether looking down or up I always have problem with heights but the B&W definitely has my vote for unease.

  3. Nice angles, Laura! That includes your angle on politics 😊. I think Hillary is a much more capable and experienced candidate. I see Trump as being way too murcurial, among other disqualifiers.

  4. I am not saying how I feel about any candidate – but I did hear a joke about the tacky and gaudy taste of some of the trump stuff- someone said “it looks like what a 3rd grader would fantasize about as being rich…..”

  5. Great post Laura! As northern neighbours we’re just watching and wondering?!! I like both shots but I prefer the black and white.

    • Thanks Belinda. I’m glad the black and white works! And as a resident I’m watching and wondering too! California will no doubt go to Clinton as we are mostly a blue state. I’m wondering about the swing states which will decide the election. Scary times IMHO

  6. Great shots. Not my place as a Canadian to comment on foreign elections, but I can comment on the math, a vote for a third party or not voting at all runs the risk of electing the candidate you least like.

  7. Yikes, my stomach fell out from under me on both. I cannot even imagine looking up and photographing this. As for the mentioned candidate, my sentiments reflect ours, but the other option is not enticing either. *sighs* That’s about as much as you are gonna get out of me about politics! Great photos even though I most certainly felt dizzy! LOL

  8. Always pays to look up! B/w does it for me. Nice shots.

  9. 🙂 Neat!
    I won’t pass on any rumor that you like Trump. I’m not that cruel! 🙂

  10. The color makes one dizzy, the B&W makes one much more dizzy. Gave me thought of Hitchcock’s movie, “Vertigo”. But, at least you were on the ground. 🙂

  11. Both are great photos but I am drawn to the B&W.

  12. I’ve been sitting here waiting for my head to center itself for the last three minutes after looking at them. They BOTH get to me! Politically? There are no words…there are TOO many words, to express how I feel about Trump. I will say this, I think so often of President Abraham Lincoln. Trump isn’t fit to have shined this great man’s shoes.

  13. I’m not sure which one makes me ditzy but the tighter crop would be good for both.

  14. Both are good but I’ll vote for the B/W. As for the election, it would be nice if you could just go and vote “no”.

  15. I like both photos, but the color one is my favorite. Neither makes me dizzy. As for ditzy, I think that ship sailed years ago. I love looking up at the skyscrapers and seeing a pocket of blue sky.

  16. Lovely shots, Laura, and we must have been leaving NYC just as you two were arriving. I’ve been posting pics to Instagram but, apart from one early post, have yet to write much about our visit on my sites (that thing called work may be a factor). Glad you enjoyed Boston; I love both cities. – Shelagh

  17. i prefer the b&w (of course).

    i don’t get into political stuff either…
    i was watching the republican convention on TV here…because it was so interesting and exciting.

    then when Hillary came on, i was bored. LOL.
    It’s true, we love the stuff that is controversial, rather that the ‘good’ stuff from Hilary.

    if anything Mr. T makes for fun TV, if nothing else 🙂

  18. That used to be the old ATT building, the lower left corner…

  19. So if I click the “Like” button (which I did), does it mean I liked the images, the title, or the content in the text? Or perhaps all three? Ding!

  20. That shot looks even better on blog. 😉

  21. let me get this over with and say I cannot stand Hillary!
    I rather have someone who actually built something even if people rag on it.
    …other than that … nice pictures.

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