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Entertainment Courtesy of the White Tailed Kites


** To see the photos with less blur, please click on the first one and then advance with arrow.  Just looking at the gallery all at once here shows them blurrier than they are **

Every morning and evening white tailed kites fly around our deck screeching.  The pair of kites had babies recently and the babies are huge. We think there are three babies and think they’re still learning how to master flying as sometimes they look kind of shaky in the air.  Every day they’re improving though and I often wonder how long they’ll be around once they are able to hunt for themselves.  The babies are the ones with a rust-colored chest.  The ones without the rust-colored chest are the adults.

Check out the acrobatic shots…such as they are.  It wasn’t that easy to get sharp shots especially since my 300mm lens isn’t the fastest.  All images are aggressively cropped and shot at ISO 640.   I have a lot to learn about shooting birds but it’s fun trying.  Please pardon the blur.   (The second to the last shot shows some finches and a hummingbird.)


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

51 thoughts on “Entertainment Courtesy of the White Tailed Kites

  1. Here it pours with rain so tired photos really made me smile 😊

  2. Wow stunning photos. Very entertaining for sure! 🙂

  3. Laura, you’ve done well capturing these flying targets–beautiful birds. 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. I miss the cool refreshing fog!

  5. Nice shots! Birds in flight – a pleasure to watch and always a challenge to shoot.

  6. I have decided I suck at shooting birds lol………fine when they are still crap when flying hahaha. You Did well

  7. Wow, what a show! How blessed you are to have them flying over your deck! Nice work on this series Laura!

  8. These are fabulous photos! Beautiful birds indeed. When they bank hard and turned on the side, they remind me of the military jets that buzz over where I work, say three streets away from Nellis AFB.

  9. These are great photos Laura. I love the action you were able to capture.

  10. Oh these are glorious Laura 😀 I can see how much fun and joy you’ve had watching them! Parents seem to be doing a good job teaching them aerial skills. Such a beautiful spot to watch and photograph them in too 😀

    • Thank you so much Sarah! I love our house and its location. So many birds!!!

      • I still intend to come and visit you one day!!! We need to see those monarch butterflies together 😀 My brother is spending most of his time in New York now and has an apartment but no lifts in the building which could be interesting for me going to visit him. I think he’ll be out there for a couple of years so I need to save my money up! Hopefully you’ll have those kites nesting there every year as most birds of prey usually return to the same nesting place 🙂

        • Wow no elevator? Maybe he needs to get a crane for you! And yes. Some day we will see those monarchs!

          • Pahahahaha 😉 Yes, just winch me up the side of the building!! It’s quite an old building so he has large rooms with nice high ceilings but no lifts or air-conditioning. Think he’s bought a little air-con unit now as it’s been really hot over there! Our heat wave has passed so we’re back to normal temperature here, around 24 degrees. It’s nice at the moment 🙂

          • LOL….I’m chuckling about you being winched up the building hahahah. No a/c would KILL me….especially after being back there a couple weeks ago during that heatwave and the humidity. OY! I will never forget that humidity. I’m glad I’m back with the foggy mornings here. 🙂

          • Could be pretty funny 😉 Yeah, heat is one thing but humidity is my nemesis too! Even here I have to have the fan on most nights to be able to sleep!! Ah, I’m actually looking forward to foggy mornings in Autumn at the new wetlands centre. They’re open from dawn to dusk so I hope to get some pretty landscape photos there this year 😀

  11. What a treat to have them live almost with you 😀. Kites are one of the most fascinating birds out there. In New England we had none. Now in South Carolina I see Kites often, but never that close. Thank you for sharing. Very nice shots.

  12. They are beautiful and amazing.

  13. that is wonderful and you have good patience 😉

  14. Wow, what great entertainment and the price is right as well;-)

  15. Great shots, Paula. You must have had plenty of birdseed.

  16. Great captures of the bird in flight! they are beautiful, Laura! 🙂

  17. Wow. Thanks for sharing life with white tailed kites. Something I wouldn’t normally see.

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