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The Two Sides of Manhattan (2 images)


Manhattan is so much larger than I could’ve ever realized without taking this cruise which circumnavigated the island.  What was really interesting to me is to see both sides of the island.  The one side is very cosmopolitan and the other is more industrial.   Such is the yin and the yang of life.  No matter how much glitz we put on top of things, the reality doesn’t live far away.

Manhattan Monochrome

Manhattan Monochrome

Manhattan & Empire State

Manhattan & Empire State



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

30 thoughts on “The Two Sides of Manhattan (2 images)

  1. An island of brick and mortar. No thank you, but your images are stunning! Great contrast, Laura!! ❤

  2. Interesting to see the cross pattern in the sky over Manhattan in you ‘almost’ B&W photograph.

  3. I like them both but the clouds really helped (as they often do) with the first one.

  4. Great photos of one of my favorite cities!

  5. Excellent contrast, Lara!

  6. I definitely would go for the monochrome one, Laura. Stunning composition with lots of contrast and interest in the sky+water and the skyline. I wonder what a 10 stop filter would have done to this image. Reinhold

    • Thanks so much Reinhold. I wasn’t going to include the second but wanted to show “the other side”. A 10 stop on a moving boat would’ve made a disaster but I know what you mean. 🙂

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  8. The old vs. the new. Very cool

  9. Beautiful photograph. Love the colors

  10. But like the BW much better. Something about the sky

  11. Terrific shots, interesting contrast.

  12. Great photos, Laura! I like the monochrome. The clarity is incredible!

  13. Ahhhh New York Love It, Just amazing place to be with a camera. great Shots

  14. Perception vs Reality, such is the way of life nowadays. May like to check out, some of my clicks during our roadtrip : do give your feedback.

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