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As it came to an end…


Taken from our boat ride around Manhattan, I managed to capture a few skyline shots, which I’ve been posting as of late.  With all of the photos, my foremost concern was to show detail.  After all, what good is it to look at a skyline if you can’t see all the amazing architecture in it.  None of my skyline posts have been straight up monochrome and this one is no exception.  For this image I decided to go along the sepia-ish route, but not completely as there are still some other colors included.

I really try to be unique and not copy someone else’s process although I do try to learn from what others do.  Hopefully it works!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

New York 41 - Manhattan, NY

New York 41 – Manhattan, NY


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

52 thoughts on “As it came to an end…

  1. Amazing picture! What camera did you use? Been to New York a couple of times, love the city!

  2. I like the processing – and your originality is truly always felt – but I like how you note that we learn from others – I think without realizing it we glean and learn more just by being exposed – it is layered into originality in different ways – and someone once said “there is nothing new under he sun”
    Anyhow – the sky pulled me in from the reader – it feels very “serious” -and so calm- I did get a little captured in the modern feel (still look for twin towers after all those years) and I was just a small art display with NYC stuff festured – and it had so much lady liberty -‘well it was nice to see this classic view (and current) of such an iconic place.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here. I’m not good at writing how I feel, but I hope my images convey a bit of me. I think your analysis of this picture is spot on! Have you noticed I don’t do light-hearted photos or edits? My outward personality is very light-hearted and funny but I have a serious side that thinks a lot and you picked up on that here. Speaking to your comment on its almost modern touch, I thought it had almost a scifi-ish feel in a way which is what you saw in a modern way. I did get a distant picture of the statue of liberty but it’s not that exciting and quite distant so I haven’t posted it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts…it gets me to open up a bit more. 🙂

  3. That’s a great image Laura, very dramatic post processing 😊

  4. I like photos of NYC back in the 50’s, this reminds me of that. Love how it came out.

  5. The almost sepia treatment is very appropriate for the New York I remember. Great work.

  6. A pretty picture. Nicely done, Laura.

  7. the sepia-ish route works perfectly! An awesome shot, Laura!

  8. Terrific photo and mood it creates.

  9. It worked for me. Very nice shot and processing. I particularly struck by the highlights in the buildings. The are a great aspect delineating the buildings.

  10. how I wish I could go there someday.

  11. Copy me, copy me, copy me!!! 😉
    Glorious shot!

  12. Great detail in the skyline, and the sky itself is beautiful

  13. Like a shot from 1930 America with the the Gangstas and their mint trilby’s and 2 tone brogues! – fantastic work as always lass. 🙂

    • Thanks so much. I’ve been seeing that in the shot about the 1930’s. I can tell you there’s a whole lotta alcohol going on over there. It ain’t no prohibition! 😉

  14. Wow!! nice I wish I could go there.

  15. Really great photo. Loved the way it turned out with the sepia-ish effect

  16. Gorgeous, my friend!!! Just gorgeous!!!! ❤

  17. What a gorgeous skyline Laura – LOVE your editing!

  18. brilliant again Laura! I love the tone!

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