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Boston from an iPhone


I really, really LOVED Boston!  Usually when I go somewhere, I get a strong impression about a place and with Boston, it gave me such a positive feeling.  Everywhere we went, the people were friendly, down to earth and upbeat.  Even the baseball fans were friendly to us SF Giants fans.  It really was unbelievable!  These are all iPhone pics so the quality isn’t quite there with a lot of them.

We loved our hotel which was conveniently walking distance from Fenway Park and right near a subway entrance.  Boston reminded me of San Francisco in some ways with its harbor and beauty.  What a gorgeous place!   Mainly we were there to see the Giants play Boston at Fenway Park and we really enjoyed that even though we lost (sad face); but seeing the Green Monster in person was so cool and we enjoyed Fenway Park because of its baseball history.

In between games, we took a harbor cruise which was really enjoyable, and the weather was just perfect!  We walked the Freedom Trail and saw Faneuil Hall and enjoyed a tour of that, we also saw a presentation of the Boston Tea Party where that occurred and it was really good, saw the famous North Church (what a place) and saw so many other historical places.  It was fabulous!  We walked through Little Italy, had Boston’s famous Lobster Roll (pronounced “lobstah”) and stumbled upon Mike’s Pastry where we shared one of their delicious cannoli.  Yum!

The weather was beautiful and only one day it rained briefly.  We were totally unprepared at the time and got soaked as we scrambled from one subway line to another while everyone else had umbrellas.  Can we say TOURISTS??  It’s so strange to me that it rains when it’s warm!






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38 thoughts on “Boston from an iPhone

  1. how funny… I’m down with Fenway but can’t stand the people of Boston. Just seem so obnoxious in general…

    glad u had a good time though! maybe I’m just cynical

  2. If/when we ever visit the USA again, Boston (along with Washington DC and San Francisco) is where I would like to visit. We’ve done Chicago and New York before. Great photos.

  3. Looks like a good time and fun pics!

  4. Thanks for sharing Laura…. maybe it is time you started another blog focusing on writing about your adventures. I just feel sad that you did not stop in Philadelphia because comparing your photographs of the historic symbols to what I had shot so long ago would have made my day.

    • Thank you for looking Pete. 🙂 I don’t dare start another blog but I know what you mean. Some day we will go to Philadelphia too. There are so many amazing places to see right here in this country! I’d love to see your shots some day. hint hint

  5. I’ve been to MA a few times but have somehow managed to never yet visit Boston. You managed to pack a lot into your visit. Your photos just go to show that the quality of an image is dependent on the eye and skill of the photographer and not merely the equipment. I say that not just because you’ve got some cracking photos with just a phone but also because I also own an iPhone and my photos are not very accomplished (at all) when I use my phone. My friends think it’s crazy that I can take a pretty decent shot with my DSLR but not with my phone.

    • Boston needs to be on your list next time you visit MA. What a great place! So sweet of you to say about my photos. Some of these aren’t the best but iPhones can indeed be great image-takers! Especially for wide angle shots. Thank you so much Laura. 🙂

  6. Boston on an iPhone. Your iPhone gets more use than my camera. And the pictures are just as good, if not- at times- even better. Love that pano! How many photos did you use?

  7. Boston is a wonderful city, Laura. There is so much history. Fenway is a magical place. I’ve only been to one game there (not a Sox or an AL fan) but I had to experience the history. Great photos. I’m s glad you had great weather for your northeast swing.

  8. I lived in Boston for many years. It’s a wonderful place! Thank you for bringing back lots and lots of memories 🙂

  9. Really beautiful shots of Boston. As a New Yorker I don’t want to like them, but they’re that good. : ))

  10. What a fun tour of Boston! It’s high time for me to get back up there. Thank you for sharing your beautiful shots

  11. Yep, 1st time in Boston only about 5 years ago and now I love it more every time! So much to see, eat, do, enjoy, in any weather. And of course it feeds my coastal-kid soul. 😀 Glad you got to ‘meet’ this fabulous city!!

  12. You’ve got the travel bug itching here. Boston. I never really thought of going there but now that you have described it and the people, I am really interested. LOVED every photo, Laura, especially the one of the Fenway Stadium. The full moon image is seriously cool as well. I’ll have to put Boston on my wish list for travel. Great post and yes I felt your enthusiasm for this city right through your words. 🙂 ❤

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed my Boston post Amy. I never thought I could live anywhere else but the Bay Area but Boston had that charm I really enjoy in a city. I wish’d I’d had a zoom lens and my camera that night I took the moon photo. the iPhone definitely was blurry but I had such fun and the whole area of us were ooo-ing and ahh-ing over that moon! Hope some day you get there. Just beautiful!!!

  13. I love Boston as well ~ somehow it reminds me of how Seattle/Portland would be if it moved to the East Coast… And love the Fenway Park photo…just perfect 🙂

  14. Wonderful post, Laura. I sure enjoyed this trip to Boston, your photos describe Boston in summer well. I espec. liked your photo of the Old North Church.

  15. Loved the post about your trip! I just went to Boston as well, and wrote about it here:

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