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A View from the Hill (2 iPhone photos)


We have so many hills around here which make hiking a challenge sometimes….wait…a lot of the times.   Seems the good things in life never come easy!   If we have intent we can do almost anything!

Looking across the valley I had a sense of accomplishment.  I wanted to stand there and revel in it a bit.  With this achievement was a great feeling of satisfaction and freedom.  I’m the little engine that could!  And ohhhhh what a view from the hill!


View from the Hill – Taken on my iPhone


A long road to climb but great things await for those who have intent and perseverance.


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

35 thoughts on “A View from the Hill (2 iPhone photos)

  1. Lovely images! Looks like a great place to hike in the morning. I love the framing in the first image.

    Rarely do my cell phone images look this good!

  2. My iPhone continues to amaze me. So much so, that when I’m using a
    ‘proper’ camera, I usually still take the iPhone shot – just in case it does a better, brighter job! Thank you for your hard-working posts.

  3. That looks like a challenging climb, but at the same time, a very inviting one. It’s a good thing that you still have winter. I imagine it could be a beast during hot weather.

    • Oh it is hot in summer sometimes. That day was in the low 70’s so not hot and there was a nice breeze. If we go in the morning it is hardly ever hot. Thanks so much for your comment!

  4. Terrific reward at the end of the hike. Wonderful photograph

  5. That isn’t Mt. Diablo… That hill is a bump compared to Mt. Diablo

  6. Great shots! 🙂 It’s as flat as a pancake here, but we do have ant-hills! 🙂

  7. lovely iphone shots! good info too in the comments about PS and upsizing 🙂

  8. Both are beautiful, Laura, and both are perfectly framed and edited. Awesome art here, dear friend!! And I love your thoughts you included in this post. 🙂 ❤

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  10. I don’t know how people are able to take such beautiful shots with an iPhone. I have an iPhone 6s and they never come out that good. Great job with those photos!

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