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Journey of a body on this earth

Expanding Horizons: The Journey


I will always remember the one time I hired a photography tutor when I was still in auto.  We met for only one day and he never mentioned my camera controls, which is what I was hoping for.  Instead he said something that I’ve always remembered:  “Don’t just take a photo because that is just a record.  Express yourself and make art.”  

I think about that statement a lot and believe we never really arrive; we are constantly on the journey making adjustments within to express a more complete self.   Along life’s journey, I’ve noticed it seems a lot of the time we get what we need but not always what we want.  It’s up to us to see the big picture and to realize that even a step back can ultimately be a step forward.

It’s not how big your steps are or how fast they are…it’s about taking the step in the first place, appreciating the meaningful things along the way, and never ever giving up!  That’s my path in photography and life!

I love this quote by Dewitt Jones:  “Our deepest inspirations come from not looking to others but from looking within”.


The Journey - Laura Macky

The Journey – Laura Macky


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

81 thoughts on “Expanding Horizons: The Journey

  1. How we each see is what we use to create art. It is very personal.

  2. ‘Making Art’ is what it’s about. So happy to be part of this awesome, inspiring community.

  3. ‘he never mentioned my camera controls’

    although I’m not a sunset person, this is an excellent shot.

  4. How come I take photos and they never look like the way I saw it… Color enhancing helps I guess.

  5. I’ve been a fan of Dewitt Jones for a very long time, and I have several of his books. He was one of my main inspirations when I was getting serious about photography. It’s great to see that you are also a follower!

  6. Such a wonderful picture you got here! Keep up the good work.

  7. Love this beautiful image! Thank you for sharing the quote, Laura!

  8. I like your philosophy, Laura, and agree!

  9. Great shot and very interesting article, Laura! 🙂
    For me, it’s to let truth, nature, and art express themselves… and for “me” to stay out of it.

  10. Great shot, excellent argument.

  11. I’m still in A…… sort of

  12. Beautifully put, excellent photograph.

  13. Great photo and wise words. Exactly what my wife and I considered a few short months ago. Taking the first step is the hardest. For us it was the lure of photography in coastal South Carolina. My words of wisdom were from that wise sage Alfalfa (Our Gang, 1940’s) “I don’t know where we’re going Spanky, but we’re on our way”. Worked for me…..

  14. I’m back again. Beautifully said about the journey, Laura! Thank you for reminding us the “step back”. 😍

  15. A beautiful capture -and even better it made me read your reflections as well. It definitely resonated with me – realizing that even a step back can be a step forward can be a hard thing to see and secondly accept:)

    • Isn’t that so true. I think I wrote this because I needed to remind myself. It’s for the greater good I tell myself! But then I forget the next time something happens lol. Thank you for your comment Inger. 🙂

  16. truth….this is a journey without end…

  17. Inspiring story and great image, I love landscapes on sunset time

  18. A wonderful quote Laura. Thanks for the inspiration of the day 🙂

  19. Beautiful image .. And that quote is spot on! 😄

  20. lovely Laura! I sooo enjoyed reading this post too 🙂 cheers, Debi

  21. I love your philosophy! Beautiful!

  22. Beautiful post, Laura — words and photo.

  23. Wonderful photo!! And I love the quote…so true

  24. Love the scolors. Beautiful photo with beautiful words. lovely!

  25. Totally in agreement with what you are saying. I take some ‘record’ photos, as travel photos. The rest, I think of the saying that I will now misquote. Things are as you see them and after you become aware, things are as you see them. That is how I have come to understand my photography, realizing no one else can experience the same emotional response I had at that moment and am pleased when a few others find something acceptable. You are really good at conveying what you saw, experienced, Laura.

    • I like that description. It’s such a challenge conveying what I felt in my photos. I’m glad you think I do well at it. Sometimes I wonder. But then to what you said we are all interpret things differently so when we connect with someone who feels similarly it’s kinda nice. :-). It’s something I struggle with outside photography. Thanks so much robert. I always enjoy your comments and posts and am glad you’re back!

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