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Magnolia Tree


Sometimes when I don’t go anywhere special to take photos, I just focus on what’s around me.  No pun intended. 😉  I love these magnolia trees near our house.  They are just so beautiful all times of the year.  I’ve been hearing rustling in there too as of late.  I think there are some squirrels that are busy preparing for winter!

For this one I only added a few Lightroom touches.




Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

66 thoughts on “Magnolia Tree

  1. I’ve never seen one so large and pretty! Great photo as always. 😬🌞

  2. Lovely photo, nice gradation of contrast and color. O

  3. Interesting picture, i like the colours.

  4. Didn’t you say this was the view from your front door? Who mows the lawn?

  5. Sometimes the things we rediscover around us are the very things that shape our lives.

  6. Nice photograph
    I will like to learn more about photography.

  7. I adore magnolias, they are all just starting to bloom here in Australia, I must get out and find some…..sadly I don’t have any in my garden. That one is huge, I also like to wander locally, it’s amazing what you can find when you really look at everything

  8. Amazing photo!

  9. this is awesome Laura… the large white magnolias are one of my favs! wonder what the squirrels are doing, making nests? I love to see it when others just simply go look outside their own yard, their own parks – And find magnificence waiting for them. We, that do that, will never …. complain of ‘being Bored’!

    • Thanks Debi! They use this tree to hop to another one I think. The non magnolias behind this one is where they have their dreys. They are busy little bees these days with fall approaching. It’s fun to stick around home some marines and appreciate where we live eh?

      • you’re welcome! fun and interesting to see just how much stuff…. we actually Miss! I went out again with one type of shot in my mind… and it never showed. but better things did. this – is fun!

  10. The depth here, is so good.

  11. Lovely photo. I often find that you don’t need to look too far for interesting subjects.

  12. Love the way you filled the frame, Laura. Very cool!!! 🙂 ❤

  13. Excellent case for you don’t have to go too far to get a great shot Laura. Kudos.

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  15. I think I see a touch of fall. I love looking under the tree and beyond. Really nice!

  16. We had a magnolia in our last house… never flowered

  17. simple processing is best (IMHO). lovely!

  18. What a magnificent tree….wonderful photo.

  19. This tree looks very impressive. And elegant in green. I love the big white flowers, such a shame they don’t flower the whole summer. 🙂

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