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Backyard Otter!


Amazingly there is an otter in the lake on our golf course right off our back deck!  I’ve seen him there before but I’ve never been able to take his picture because I have to cross the fairway and there have always been golfers at play.

The sun had just gone down, so my ISO was up pretty high.  I had to aggressively crop because even with my 28-300mm lens, I still couldn’t get a close enough shot of this little guy without cropping.

I was really excited when he hopped out of the water on the bank across the lake!  What luck.   He was checking out the ducks and the heron intently.  They weren’t too concerned about him…although maybe they were wondering if he was going to eat all their fish.   😉

The little guy seemed interested in me.  For his final act, he dove under the water and started swimming toward me!  I could see the air bubbles in the lake as they approached me.  Honestly I was so giddy I was trying to change the settings on my camera but really didn’t have time, so I snapped two pics of him as he surfaced and stared at me.

After his final appearance, he dove under never to be seen again that evening.  I’m thinking there must be an underground water tunnel of some sort.  River otters can walk a long way too.  There was one walking down our town’s main street not too long ago; and with all the rivers around, they seem to be adapting to us quite readily.

I love seeing him and I hope you enjoy the pics!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

73 thoughts on “Backyard Otter!

  1. He’s gorgeous Laura – fabulous captures!😃

  2. Beautiful pictures of an otters sleekness. They can be quite nasty. One got into a goldfish pond, ate what he wanted, and left the remains scattered near the pond for the owner to clean up. The fish had known only the owners love.

  3. Got your heart pumping didn’t it 🙂

    Wonderful shots, congratulations. Now go out and get a big lens and stalk the local critters.

  4. What an exciting sighting! Great series of him too!

  5. Great shots. My guess is there is more than one otter 😀

    • Thanks. I think I saw two of them one time. And you’ll laugh at this…one time I thought I saw the otter and ran down there because there were no golfers. It ended up being a skin diver collecting golf balls. 🙂

      • Otters hold hands and drift in the when sleeping or relaxing. You might want to go out at night. But leave the stub gear behind😀

        • I’ve seen them do just that! We see sea otters frequently in Monterey and I have seen them hold hands! Really so sweet. I may just go down there after dark during a full moon and check out the scene….and yes I’ll leave my gear behind. 🙂

  6. Nice captures. Ironically, in the last photo, the heron is doing a goose step.

    • It is!! I rather chuckled at that scene. I just wish I could’ve captured it crisply. I’m not very good at wildlife photography, especially when it’s dark like that. Thanks David. 🙂

  7. WOW!!! I’ve only seen an otter in captivity in a place here called Sea World. I can no longer go to places like that because it hurts too much to see these beautiful animals taken from their natural habitat and home. Thank you, Laura!!! Excellent images and the one of the heron is just so cool!!! Lucky you!!! ❤

    • Thank you so much Amy! I don’t like going to those places or zoos anymore for that matter. I loved how inquisitive it was. And I’m telling you when I saw him dive under and all I could see were the air bubbles coming closer and closer, I was so excited! My fingers were fumbling on my camera haha. Thank you for loving this little guy. 🙂

  8. Wow, such great luck and photos!! He soooo cute!! ❤️😍

  9. He did a nice pose for you. Great shots! 🙂

  10. Awesome! I saw two on Vanvcouver island~

  11. How thrill to see otter there, so unexpected. 🙂 Great captures. Love the last one, too.
    Thank you for the post, Laura! ❤

  12. Love the picture where its head pokes out of the water!

  13. Now that’s totally cool

  14. Otters are like cats; if you move them from their habitat to another place they will always try to find their way back. They are shy creatures and the best time to picture them is late evening or early morning. But one has to be lucky. At least you were!!! Nice work!

    • Hi Herman 🙂 I like the comparison to cats. How sweet. 🙂 I saw him the next day in the early morning. A couple of months ago there were two in there. I’m so glad I was lucky! I was giddy. 😀

  15. Otters are one of my favourite animals…..what a treat 😊

  16. How amazing!! So good see wildlife managing in our environment! 😊

  17. Wow I just found your blog and your photos are amazing!! Love all your shots! It’s so fun for me to meet new bloggers and see their work too! Looking forward to future posts!

  18. I love otters! You got some great pics- especially of him swimming towards you👌👌👌!

  19. those are some cool portraits 🙂

  20. Oh how wonderful!! I long to see our otters in the wild. Our species is much smaller than yours but they still have that same grace and elegance! Hope you see him more often, such a joy 🙂

  21. Sounds like you need another camera to handle this type of situation. 🙂
    Nice photos of the little guy.

  22. Nice photos! Love the otter!! 🙂

  23. Wonderful, Laura, wish I had of been there.

  24. For me the “bird” made it into the finals. Very impressive. Stunning shot, Laura. And a cute otter series too. 🙂 Reinhold

  25. Oh he is beautiful .. An otter on the golf course, amazing!

  26. Very nice! You seem to live in a pretty cool place

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    Thanks for sharing.
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  28. Great captures von abslutely adorable creatures, Laura! I’d go klick-klicking mad with joy. 🙂

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